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  1. Hi all. I’ll try to make this as simple as possible. I’m taking a travel assignment in NYC starting 4/20 and going through 7/18. I have put in my resignation at my current job. I will be honest before anyone throws accusations at me. Yes, I stepped up to do this purely because of the money being offered. My question is this. If projections hold true, there is a possibility that COVID cases could sharply drop off in early May. While this is amazing and I hope this happens, I am also curious as to where that would leave me standing with my “crisis” assignment. Would my contract be cancelled? Do you anticipate there being a cleanup period afterwards where they would still require some help? While I hope this virus stops today, I still would like to know where I stand as far as employment during this crisis.
  2. Nickc58

    Was RN school easy for you?

    Just learn what your instructors like and show it to them. Nursing school is a joke and taught me next to nothing besides how to pass meds safely. You learn real nursing on the job, seeing it every day.
  3. Nickc58

    New grad, Med error

    My charge called pharmacy and that’s what they said
  4. Nickc58

    New grad, Med error

    So I’m a new grad still on orientation. Long story short I was taking care of a pretty critical patient the other night. I was taking frequent verbal orders from the provider. The patient was vomiting frequently and had prn zofran ordered. The provider wanted me to give a dose so I went into the Pyxis and began to pull the zofran, 4mg. As I was in the process of removing the vial, the provider came into the Pyxis room and told me to give 8 of zofran. Not thinking this through, I pulled an extra vial. I drew up 8mg of zofran and gave it IVP to the pt. When I went to scan the vials after I had given it, I saw the order had been put in for 8mg IVPB. I was then told that I shouldn’t have given it IVP as anything over 4mg should be diluted. I am not placing blame on the provider, ultimately it was my fault for not following the correct administration process. I was confused by the provider and the multiple verbal orders, but it was still on me. I reported this immediately to my charge nurse. My question is, what should I expect to come of this? While I’ve heard of nurses being terminated for less than this, I hope to take this as a learning experience and not lose my job over this. There wasn’t any patient harm, and I’m extremely torn up about this. I just need some words of wisdom. Thank you!
  5. Nickc58

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    I’m a huge believer that past a certain age or certain point, comfort becomes way more important than try to “fix” someone. In clinical rotations in school we had a 96 y/o with afib (this was a secondary problem, not the reason she was admitted). They wanted to run every test possible on her, cardiovert her, and wanted to try out a plethora of medications. She looked the docs in the eye and said “no way in HELL you’re putting me through all of that at my age. When I die, I die”.
  6. New grad in eastern N.C. $24.5 base pay
  7. Nickc58

    The Weekend of... 7-5 to 7-8-19

    Davey, In my few years of being a member on this site I have always enjoyed your posts. BUT THIS.... this meme is unacceptable. No nursing meme should be this dang funny 😂😂. You have truly outdone yourself with this one 😂.
  8. Guys does the PVT work? I had 80 questions does this mean I passed? If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Kind of poking fun here 😂. I took my NCLEX this morning. Test shut off at 80 questions. I feel confident that I passed. I wasn’t going to do the PVT but ultimately did. I got the good pop up (I guess?). It reduced my anxiety a little, but I know nothings official until I get the quick results, and even those aren’t official haha. I’m just glad to finally have taken the exam. Good luck to everyone taking their exams and good luck to those waiting on results! I hope my results reflect this stupid PVT pop up that I wish I never read about.
  9. Nickc58

    $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    Hey guys, thanks for replying. I reacted too quickly. I spoke with the owner and he made a mistake on pay. Problem solved. Guess I was just having a bad night...
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to share my frustrations with everyone on this wonderful Thursday night. So the title of my post is true. I just made $3.85 an hour for twenty hours worth of work for a whopping 77 dollars! NOW, this is not a nursing job. I am a new graduate and have signed on for a hospital in North Carolina (which I am EXTREMELY excited for). I don’t start until August however. So for the meantime I moved in with my father in a massively redneck town in upstate NY (which I love, I’ll always have redneck blood in me!). He set me up at the local restaurant washing dishes. The owner told me he was going to pay me under the table. I thought I had it made. I’d make a decent amount of money, not pay any rent, and hang out with my dad for the summer before I moved. A week and 20 hours later I received my first pay envelope....with 77 dollars. I wanted to cry. I have no bills to pay, and I’m honestly kind of grateful just to kill time, but $3.85 an hour, especially when I’ve already signed on for a job in the mid 20’s, is one of the worst feelings ever. I’m going to approach the owner in a respectful way and ask if this is correct, and if it is I’m going to ask for something a little more realistic. I am counting down the seconds till I start making a realistic wage again. It’s been far too long. This waiting period before I start my first nursing job may be worse than actual nursing school
  11. Nickc58

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    Hey there Homebound, I recently accepted a job offer from Vidant for a new grad position. I do disagree with you on the price of rent. I signed a lease in a place that is practically unseen for less than 2k/month in my area of upstate NY for around 850/month in Greenville, within 5 minutes of the hospital. The pay is definitely less than if I stayed in my neck of the woods (about 28/hr in NY vs 24 in NC) but it’s more money than I’ve ever made anyways so I don’t mind this trade off. I am concerned about your mention of the predictor tests. I was told about them by the recruitment team but obviously there was no mention of a job offer being rescinded due to not performing high enough. I’m unsure of how direct messages work on this website but please message me if possible because I’d like to discuss this further with you. Thank you!
  12. Nickc58

    Reasons nurses get fired

    If you weren’t such a reputable poster I would call BS on half of those reasons in the DIDNT column. That’s just so unreal 😳
  13. Nickc58

    Nursing school Clinicals

    I am frankly upset that so many experienced nurses are responding to this post the way they are. Students shouldn’t ask questions? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I am still a student. I finished my last clinical week this week. For our last week we pair with an RN at the hospital associated with our facility (not and instructor) and work with them for 36 hours (a full true week of nursing). In this time I took care of 14 patients, and not ONCE was I asked to write a care plan. Instead, I was asked to hang IV fluids, administer medications, perform assessments, and perform proper documentation doing this time. I also participated in rounds and gave report to incoming nurses. How are you supposed to do ANY of these things if you are DISCOURAGED from communicating with the team? And honestly oh well if the original poster was asking questions that helped formulate her care plan. She is a freshman who needs to learn. I personally need someone to specifically show me how to do something, then I can do it myself. And then on top of this all the clinical instructor is showing such immature behavior! Aside from taking her actual care plan to the nurse and asking the nurse to answer questions down a list, she should be encouraged to ask questions! My gosh the replies in the post have me infuriated. To the original poster keep your head up. I am sorry that you have had to deal with a clinical instructor like this. If the other faculty in your school support behavior like this, I would consider choosing a different school.
  14. I found joy in reading this
  15. Nickc58

    Vidant New Nurse Residency 2019

    Hey, I accepted a job in the MTCU as well, starting in the summer! How do you like it?!
  16. “Id rather be a nurse with debt than not a nurse at all”. I’ve said that sentence to myself so many times throughout my nursing school education. I received a FULL scholarship to school... and I have still taken out around 15k in student loans to help keep me afloat during this time. If you are good with your finances I wouldn’t worry about taking on some debt. Make school as easy for yourself as possible, cut back your hours. It’s only for a little while.

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