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  1. Guys does the PVT work? I had 80 questions does this mean I passed? If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Kind of poking fun here . I took my NCLEX this morning. Test shut off at 80 questions. I feel confident that I passed. I wasn’t going to do the PVT but ultimately did. I got the good pop up (I guess?). It reduced my anxiety a little, but I know nothings official until I get the quick results, and even those aren’t official haha. I’m just glad to finally have taken the exam. Good luck to everyone taking their exams and good luck to those waiting on results! I hope my results reflect this stupid PVT pop up that I wish I never read about.
  2. Nickc58

    $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    Hey guys, thanks for replying. I reacted too quickly. I spoke with the owner and he made a mistake on pay. Problem solved. Guess I was just having a bad night...
  3. Nickc58

    $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my frustrations with everyone on this wonderful Thursday night. So the title of my post is true. I just made $3.85 an hour for twenty hours worth of work for a whopping 77 dollars! NOW, this is not a nursing job. I am a new graduate and have signed on for a hospital in North Carolina (which I am EXTREMELY excited for). I don’t start until August however. So for the meantime I moved in with my father in a massively redneck town in upstate NY (which I love, I’ll always have redneck blood in me!). He set me up at the local restaurant washing dishes. The owner told me he was going to pay me under the table. I thought I had it made. I’d make a decent amount of money, not pay any rent, and hang out with my dad for the summer before I moved. A week and 20 hours later I received my first pay envelope....with 77 dollars. I wanted to cry. I have no bills to pay, and I’m honestly kind of grateful just to kill time, but $3.85 an hour, especially when I’ve already signed on for a job in the mid 20’s, is one of the worst feelings ever. I’m going to approach the owner in a respectful way and ask if this is correct, and if it is I’m going to ask for something a little more realistic. I am counting down the seconds till I start making a realistic wage again. It’s been far too long. This waiting period before I start my first nursing job may be worse than actual nursing school
  4. I found joy in reading this
  5. Nickc58

    Vidant New Nurse Residency 2019

    Hey, I accepted a job in the MTCU as well, starting in the summer! How do you like it?!
  6. Nickc58

    Relocation assistance

    That’s something I didn’t think of
  7. Nickc58

    Relocation assistance

    Ahhh thank you for the options and info!
  8. Nickc58

    Relocation assistance

    Goodmorning everyone! I am currently a student in upstate NY. I’m due to graduate in May. I have received a job offer from Vidant Health in North Carolina! I have to speak with the nurse recruiter in more detail, but he mentioned relocation assistance is available. It doesn’t need to be specifically Vidant Health, but has anyone heard of temporary housing or rent assistance included in relocation assistance? I may have difficulty affording first months rent without borrowing money from family, as I haven’t been in work for the last year of school.
  9. Nickc58

    I have made a complaint against an NP

    Not necessarily “inappropriate” but we have a psych provider in the hospital I go to school at that wears full Gucci outfits and red bottom heels. My area is a poor area so the patients instantly respond negatively to her. She doesn’t come off as “approachable”
  10. Nickc58


    My understanding is that ED nurse in New York State aren’t allowed to take patients on their own until they have a year of experience. So what the program I applied to does is splits up your orientation into a two six month periods. The first 6 months you rotate around the inpatient units in 6 week intervals, practicing the skills you learned in nursing school. The last 6 months is orientation in the ED. Through this we have quarterly meetings with other new grads. I’m actually really excited about this program
  11. Nickc58

    Relocating from NY to NC

    Thank you, your posts among others have helped me keep my sanity during school
  12. Nickc58

    Relocating from NY to NC

    Thank you, chare!
  13. Nickc58

    Relocating from NY to NC

    Hi everyone, Im a prospective new grad currently living in upstate NY. For reasons I dont want to get into it looks like I’m moving to North Carolina. I’m looking for information regarding new grad pay, specifically Vidant and Duke systems. Up where I’m from a new grad can expect 26-27 and hour not including differentials. Could someone please fill me in on rates for this area? Much appreciated!
  14. Nickc58

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    The show “The Resident” it’s its entirety drives me absolutely bonkers. The entire premise of the show is based on the fact that a resident is calling the shots.....
  15. Nickc58

    Well Kiss My Grits Flo!

    The wine is what truly makes this story awesome. Good luck to you, stay safe!