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  1. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    Good luck at your interview and let us know if you get it!
  2. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    Hello all! Would you believe I am still on orientation? Yep, but just about finished. I will not go into all the shortcuts I have had to learn to care for 6 or 7 acutely ill patients and how many times I thought I would not be able to figure it out. Really embarrassing since I have done the same job in the past! But, the job has evolved into something I barely recognize. I have a lot of trouble leaving soiled people and calling a tech to come and clean them up but it's the only way I can get from one task to another at lightning speed. In spite of all of this, I am glad I am doing this because it will make me employable just about everywhere! I am excited to think of that and also of the skills I am getting back into shape. I still suck at IV's but am slowly getting practice. I am learning all the new medications as well. Another observation I made this week is of how people will steal stuff out of hospitals now. I just don't remember having to watch equipment for this in the past. I'll make another post after a couple of months on my own. (If I survive it. I still think I could make a huge error or alternately be let go from the hospital because I've been so slow to catch on) Take care everyone!
  3. unknownjulie

    41 yr. old business executive going to Nursing School

    I dont want you to do this. Nursing is like a macabre assembly line. It is damaging to body and soul with the way the current system is set up. Please count your blessings and stay where you are.
  4. unknownjulie

    Charge Nurse in 6 months?

    I think there were three of us nurses and I had floated from med/surg. The other two nurses left. It was a very long time ago and I dont remember much except being terrified and not being able to get the fetal monitor adjusted right and not remembering the math for the pit. They only did like one delivery a week in the place, so to have three laboring at once was very unusual. It was the middle of the night. Small community hospital.
  5. unknownjulie

    Law School???

    You could take the GRE to give yourself some idea of how you will do on the LSAT. I have taken both and the logic part on the GRE was very similar to the LSAT. I also would not put it off too long. Get a book and prepare. I took the GRE while young and scored high , but I was older with the LSAT and didnt do nearly as well.
  6. unknownjulie

    Charge Nurse in 6 months?

    I worked in a small hospital somewhat like this as a new grad. They may just not have the staffing to properly cover everything. I have no idea what was going on with the other nurses and the free meal thing but during the code there could have been other emergencies happening at the same time. One time as a new grad, I was left on an OB floor with two laboring patients and one on a pitocin drip that I didnt know how to titrate properly. Everyone else had ran down to the OR for a very emergency cesarean. And I was a med/surg nurse at the time. Just hang in there and learn as much as possible.
  7. unknownjulie

    Charge Nurse in 6 months?

    I have definitely been put in charge of things due to having a BSN. I've also been put in charge of things because I was the only RN amongst almost all LPN staffing. I was not necessarily the best at nursing tasks, or the highest seniority person.
  8. unknownjulie

    Charge Nurse in 6 months?

    I was only saying if the OP was the safest one there, then it makes sense to have her in charge and to look at it that way. The whole system is messed up to even allow this to happen, but she has to mentally come to terms with it in order to keep working there. Should this happen? No absolutely not! Another facility in her region might be run the exact same way and better for the OP to strive to do the best job she can- and then be able to put it on her resume and maybe leave, but the system will remain the same whether she stays or goes.
  9. unknownjulie

    Charge Nurse in 6 months?

    In my experience I have been put in charge without preparation and while asking to not be put in charge. I think it's fairly commonly done. It may have to do with your education level. I had a BSN when that was somewhat rare, and I also have a Bachelor's Degree in something else. Take it as a compliment although it is terrifying.
  10. unknownjulie

    Safe Nursing

    When a person weighs the positives and negatives of speaking out, and the system is set up in such a way as to almost guarantee no positive outcome, then why would anyone speak up? Personal ethics come to mind, but you can't eat personal ethics or pay the rent with it either. Plus, conflict is stressful. I think about this often. Is my personal involvement as an employee in a nationally corrupt system (for profit healthcare) mean that I am making an unethical decision each time I show up for a shift?
  11. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm new at my job and will just do what everyone else does for now. It is better than some jobs I've had where I didn't even "pretend" to get a break. I am slowing getting things at work. I am taking 6 patients now and struggling along but haven't made any major errors yet. I like wearing scrubs again and I'm glad they no longer have to be white, or partly white. That white always started to look so dingy after a while. I make sure I eat a large vegan breakfast and then some kind of meat and nuts and veggies at lunch, and then I don't eat for the rest of the shift. This seems to be holding my energy up. I like to eat vegetarian but this schedule has really kicked my butt. I have also been able to keep up with drinking a lot of water through out the shifts and so far so good. I haven't gotten sick yet!
  12. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    Change wont occur until, I imagine, lawsuits from some high profile group of people that are damaged by the current system. Possibly med errors or bad surgical outcomes or something along these lines. Too many people have gone to nursing school and we are a dime a dozen now. BSN should have been the entry level standard long ago and it would have limited entry into the profession. Like PTs, OTs, MSWs etc. Grandfather in the diploma people and move forward. But none of this happened. So now it is impossible to enact any real change nationally until the entire system collapses.
  13. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    You make some excellent points, but until there is a system in place to prevent retaliation on an individual basis, I will not be the one speaking up at my workplace. It is an imperfect system, but I believe it needs to change from the top down. One person raising their voice will just be thrown out and labeled as a "troublemaker", and won't accomplish anything aside from personal heartache.
  14. unknownjulie

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    I appreciate the advocacy talk about the breaks! I will keep following the policy of my hospital and I actually disagree that WC wouldn't cover a nurse during a lunch break if she was providing patient care. I think with a lawyer involved they would have to, but i could be wrong. I believe it's not up to us individuals to get ourselves in trouble by not following policy at work, but it is up to the lawmakers to force the hospitals to change their unsafe policies. There were nurses on here arguing against the staffing law that Massachusetts just shot down and I couldn't believe it.
  15. unknownjulie

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    I should also have mentioned the sleep problems. I can't work full time in a hospital because I have nightmares about it. When I was a new nurse, it took me several years to figure this out. I honestly just have nightmares all night long, waking up in a panic, and then would have to go in and do another shift of work. I currently only have occasional nightmares working one shift a week and am trying to assess whether even this is ok, since I am so much older and need my sleep so much. I have never had nightmares about numerous other types of jobs I've had. I think it has to do with the beeping and the lights and seeing the horror of mangled bodies everyday that disturbs me subconsciously or something.