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  1. Gave my NCLEX - Feeling so sad, false good pop-up??

    hey, see my new post!
  2. How I studied for NCLEX

    Hey guys, gave my NCLEX last week and I passed at 130 questions! So here is how I prepared: I took 2 whole months to study (as I was helping out FT w/ COVID at my facility) however, if youre not working a month of study time should be fine....
  3. Gave my NCLEX - Feeling so sad, false good pop-up??


    Hey girl, for alot of ppl the PVT is not accurate - it can give you a bad pop up and you can still pass. Keep your head up high! You got it. Hope u pass
  5. Gave my NCLEX - Feeling so sad, false good pop-up??

    Awh, good luck. Thank you I just found out this morning at 7 am that I PASSED! The anxiety and stress is as real as it gets pre and post NCLEX. Keep me updated. ?
  6. Hey guys, I gave my NCLEX this evening around 1800hrs - pretty late (had such a stressful day today on top of that) and it took me all the way to 130 questions before closing off :(( I literally knew during the exam that I failed, I'm just wait...

    Hey love, its okay...sometimes we need to just take a break and come back to it after sometime. Why don't you take a break from it for a couple of months - work, travel, and then get back to it with a fresh mind? You will ace it when the time is righ...
  8. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    Hey girl, I took my CPNRE about two years ago and passed on my first shot. What I used to study was 1. Notes made in school (yes, EVERYTHING including ppts) 2. CPNRE predictor exam 3. Saunders Comprehensive guide - it is close to 1000 pages but well...
  9. Anyone fail CPNRE predictor test???

    I did okay on my predictor test - wasnt the best mark but I found it really helpful for the acc it pushed me to study harder and focus on the details. Good luck!
  10. SUMMER CPRNE 2017

    Thanks! I attended Humber College :)
  11. SUMMER CPRNE 2017

    OMG I PASSED...I wrote on June 15 (A DAY BEFORE GRAD!!!) and found out on July 22 that I had passed!!! I am so terms of the exam it was very similar to everything learnt in school does have a rep of conducting one of the most s...
  12. CPNRE January 2017 Results!!

    Do let us know how it went!
  13. Failed nclex twice

    Oh darling, how you feel is so heartbreaking. I will keep you in my prayers but dont lose hope darling...with struggles and failures comes success...keep patient, although easier said than done but it is your best friend at this very moment...and tak...
  14. CPNRE January 2017 Results!!

    Quick question for the CPRNE were you given the classification of the drugs ex. Loop Diuretics (common generic name) common trade name. Have you also used any other materials for preparation other than school notes and the prep guide? :)
  15. Materials to review for cprne

    Thank you for this information and CONGRATS for passing! I have a quick pharm related question, on the CPRNE exam will we be provided the classification name for the drugs example: Anticholinergic drug name (drug name)