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  1. Long story short, I have a non-nursing bachelors and have been trying to go to nursing school for years and never had time. I’m a SAHM to a one year old and almost 31 years old. We had planned to have 1-3 more kids spaced out about two years apart. If I wait to finish having kids I won’t be going to school for 5+ years. Is it reasonable that I’m pursuing nursing school and working on prereqs knowing I could have a second child right before I start the program or during the program? (I thought maybe I could plan a Summer baby.) If my program were only like a year I would wait but I’m probably going the two year CC route and will be on a waitlist anyway. I’ve even considered going LPN to RN to BSN to try and space things out and have breaks. I’m feeling discouraged to want to further my career and family at the same time. I wish I had done this sooner but here I am.
  2. Thank you this! We are so tight on one salary currently anyway so there’s no way I’m going to be able to put enough away to pay for accelerated program. That probably answers my question that I should stick with the very reputable CC and spend under 10k total.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I don’t know many people who have gone back to nursing school so I’m alone in this journey. My accelerated programs would be 16-20 months depending on which one vs. 2 years (with summers off in CC). It’s such a hard decision. I think if the accelerated prices weren’t so high I’d go for it. I wanted to start out working part-time as my son isn’t even one so I don’t know how hard those payments could be to make for us depending on what I make out of school. You got me thinking and I appreciate it so much.
  4. Y'all

    $57,000 for an ADN at Kaplan?!!!!!!

    I’m in a similar situation as a SAHM at age 30 with a 1 year old and wanted to add a second child next year. I’ve been toying with nurses school for 7-8 years and never had the time because of the prereqs and because I worked full-time. But guess what? The time passes by anyway. I realized recently that all this time I didn’t want to be on the waiting list at CC I could have been done already! I have accelerated options near me but we are talking 45-70k vs. $10,000 or less. I’ve decided to just do the prereqs I need and get on the waiting list at my local CC which is the best in the state and close to our parents to help with childcare. Yes, there are other more appealing options and I don’t want to wait years but the time is passing me by whether I do it or not. Might as well get started and keep working in the meantime!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Everyone says that and you would think it’s more economical but it’s not by a long shot. I could do ADN for around $8000 total and BSN for another $7500 (plus I would hopefully get tuition reimbursement). There’s no BSN program near me for less than $45,000 some up to 70k. That’s how I ended up choosing CC even though I’d rather do an accelerated program.
  6. I already have a non-nursing bachelors and am wanting to go to my local CC and get an ADN. Although it is very cheap generally, we cannot afford to pay my prereqs out of pocket at this time as I’m a SAHM and money is very tight. Does anyone know if I can get FAFSA loans for part-time prereqs even if I already have a degree?
  7. Hello everyone! I have a non-nursing Bachelor's and have wanted to be a nurse even during my undergrad but my school did not offer the program. 8 years after college and a full career in healthcare later, I am finally trying to put everything in motion now as a SAHM. Everyone tells me not to waste my time on ADN and go straight for ABSN or direct-entry MSN because I will need my BSN anyway, etc. My question is, why don't people talk about cost!? I'm wondering if I am missing something. I have $11,000 in student loans left to pay back. I could do my ADN for under 10k but an accelerated program is going to run me between $45,000-$70,000. I am familiar with PSFL as I already have seven+ years toward it but I am not saving money with it anyway because I made too much. Do people who do accelerated programs and get reimbursed somehow after? I want to get through school quickly and I have the time to dedicate to an accelerated program but I cannot imagine being saddled with minimum of $500+/month payments while working as a floor nurse. I know RNs get hired here in Dayton/Cincinnati even without a BSN so that's not a sole deciding factor for me. Why does everyone tell me to do these programs? Are they unaware of cost, or is it easier to pay back than I realize? I absolutely want to do an accelerated program but I can't see how it would be a responsible financial decision to take out huge loans unless there is forgiveness that I'm unaware of. Any feedback is appreciated!
  8. Y'all

    Thoughts on Nashville State CC Nursing Program

    @Optimis Can you tell me a little more about the program? Is it possible to do part-time or how many days per week are classes and clinicals?
  9. Do any part-time nursing programs exist around the Nashville area? Considering ADN or BSN at this point but can't afford to not work. I went to an information session at a local community college who said students who work do not succeed in their program and hold class M-F 8-5 for two years. Is this accurate? How does anyone make this work financially?
  10. Y'all

    Marian University- Nashville

    I too would love to speak to someone about this program who has gone through the entire thing. I have so many questions about how it's run and what is required.
  11. I too would love to speak to someone about this program who has gone through the entire thing. I have so many questions about how it's run and what is required.