University of Cincinnati Accelerated Option

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I am a working professional with a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field. I am looking at going back to school for either ADN vs. BSN somewhere between Dayton and Cincy. When looking at UC's accelerated option, it seems they only have the direct-entry MSN. Does anyone know whether it is possible to do an accelerated BSN at UC or can you only complete the MSN program?

I am hoping to get my degree then work for a few years before considering a master's degree. I am married and dependent on my current salary and considering starting a family soon so it is pretty difficult to figure out going back to school. I wish I could go shake my 18 year old self but you live and you learn.

I believe they offered the ABSN in the past. Now, Xavier and Mt St Joe both have an accelerated option. MSJ might be direct entry MSN though. What are your goals asan RN? I have a bachelors, and am an LPN. I'm going to continue my nursing education, but on the ASN level for fewer prerequisites, less cost, and time. I intend on staying in LTC, so an associate RN degree is going to allow me to get more pay for the same responsibilities as a floor nurse. As an LPN, I'm making more in LTC than new grad BSNs ina hospital. My point is, degree level really depends on your goals. I have looked into the accelerated second degree programs, but to leave full time employment for about 2 years, coupled with astronomical tuition just won't work for me. Good luck!

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