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  1. Molloy ABSN Fall 2023

    Hi I'm also looking to apply for 2023. Their website doesn't give much info so it's annoying to have to always call! Do you know if there's a Summer session or just fall/Spring? Also anyone know how long it takes for them to get back once applied?
  2. Molloy Fall 22'

    I had to call for more information since the website doesn't give much for some reason.
  3. Molloy Fall 22'

    okay mine are average too at about a 3.2 and 3.4 pre req GPA. good luck on your TEAS! I think I just meet their minimum TEAS too, so I'll apply
  4. Molloy Fall 22'

    Nice congrats. What were your stats, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Molloy Fall 22'

    Hey im applying for Spring '23. Did you ever get accepted and go to Molloy? I can't find much info on here about their program so trying to learn what I can.
  6. Molloy ABSN/MS Dual Fall '22

    hey I'm looking into their ABSN program, but the site page is giving me literally no information. Did you apply/get in already?
  7. Rutgers Nursing ABSN Spring 2023

    hey I'm looking into applying but trying to see if it's even worth the application! it seems pretty competitive and my pre reqs range from A to B-
  8. Felician University ABSN 2022 Spring

    This thread is so helpful! I was moving forward with them until I saw this. My advisor was so annoying and would follow up weekly. They're so persistent in trying to get the money. Definitely too good to be true
  9. Nursing Graduates from Widener University

    Hey I'm looking to apply to Widener and have been looking for graduate's opinions as well. but I was wondering if you also saw the email sent months ago that they are in a provisional approval status because of low NCLEX pass rates? I can attach or f...
  10. WIDENER ABSN 2022

    Hey I'm looking to apply to Widener, but I was wondering if anyone else saw the email sent months ago that they are in a provisional approval status because of low NCLEX pass rates? I can attach or forward that email. It kinda had me iffy about apply...
  11. NYU ABSN Spring 2022

    Hey! I'm Jeanette and also graduated from a public health major with about a 3.2 in my university. Did you hear back from NYU? & How did the application process go? I missed the Fall deadline so I'm working on my Spring one. Hoping my health degr...
  12. @Rn0221 Thanks for sharing. this is making me consider my whole application with them. Honestly, it makes so much sense why their advisors are so persistent. It's annoying how much they'll call and follow up just to get you to send that application ...
  13. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    what did stony brook require? and did you apply for their bsn or accelerated? sb seems very strict on their acceptance policies
  14. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    Thank you for explaining your experiences. I figured it could be kind of boring since your duties are limited. But I will look into Lenox Hill in addition to the other hospitals I was looking at. Definitely exposure would be the most important thing ...
  15. NYU Accelerated Nursing Fall 2020

    you have really great volunteer experience! I want to either volunteer or get an internship this summer. How was the Mt Sinai ones? And do you think volunteering is essential to prospective nursing students? Sucks that they’re unpaid but i’ll do what...

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