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  1. dogsandplants

    Confusion about being licensed in different state.

    I'm in this exact situation. Did you apply for a Texas license while you were still in school or did you have to wait until you graduated? Also, how long did the fingerprints take to process?
  2. dogsandplants

    Moving Out

    I already have a permanent address in Texas because I lived here before I went to school in Ohio. I guess a better question to ask would be if you take the test, do you automatically get a license in the same state you took the test in or is that a different application/fee?
  3. dogsandplants

    Moving Out

    Hey! I currently attend nursing school in Ohio and am moving back to Texas afterwards. If I took the NCLEX in Ohio, do I automatically get a license for that state and have to pay an endorsement fee for a Texas license?