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Moving Out

Hey! I currently attend nursing school in Ohio and am moving back to Texas afterwards. If I took the NCLEX in Ohio, do I automatically get a license for that state and have to pay an endorsement fee for a Texas license?

Simply apply for a TX license and take the NCLEX there once you have a TX address. Don't complicate things for yourself. If it takes a little longer because you have not moved yet, just positively chalk that time up to beneficial study time. Good luck on the test.

I already have a permanent address in Texas because I lived here before I went to school in Ohio. I guess a better question to ask would be if you take the test, do you automatically get a license in the same state you took the test in or is that a different application/fee?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education.

There are two applications: one to a state to apply for a license and one for Pearson Vue to register for the exam. The exam is national; you can take it anywhere it's offered. Your license will only be granted by those states in which you apply. So, you can apply for licensure in TX and take the exam in OH where you currently are or in TX when you return.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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You will receive a license from the state in which you apply. Where you live and where you take the NCLEX has no bearing on your licensure at all. You can live in New Jersey, apply for a license in Pennsylvania and sit for your NCLEX exam in Utah. The only license you'll get is from the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing, because that's the only place you applied for one.

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