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  1. MSN WGU Job Opportunities

    So , I know very little about WGU other than a lot of people get degrees from here. So, I am planning to start an MSN program soon and debating between my state school program and WGU. My main question is will my future employers negatively judge or ...
  2. TBI bolt

    Of note, though there was bleeding there was nothing in a space that was surgically removable via crani. This bolt stayed in for two weeks and was removed while icps were still labile. Once paralytic and sedation wore off the patient was following ...
  3. TBI bolt

    Thoughts on this patient and the treatment plan if you would. 26 yr old male fell through attic. Initial gcs was 13 in ed. He became less responsive and was agitated so subsequently intubated. His CT showed Intracranial bleeding nothing obvious ...