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  1. TEAS

    @AlissaTaylor13 Hey which one did you purchase off of the ATI website? theres a package of a study manual including test a and b for 90$, did you buy that one?
  2. TEAS quizlets

    Hey! Can you give me the website you used to take the exam?
  3. LVN to RN via Excelsior

    Oh ok. Thank you so much for this information! And yes I'm from California.
  4. LVN to RN via Excelsior

    Their office is closed today. Unfortunately I can't get any information until Monday. So if I can gather information by then that would be great. Oh and plus I would like to hear about student experiences from this college from actual students themse...
  5. LVN to RN via Excelsior

    hello, I've been an LVN for about 3 years and I think its time to further my education in nursing. Has anyone heard of Excelsior college? if so, i would really appreciate your help/advice. does this school have an LVN to RN (adn) bridge program if s...