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  1. brin11299

    USF Tampa Nursing Question

    Hi! I'm a pre-nursing student and I'm worried about my GPA. I had to retake a few prereq classes to raise my GPA from 3.7 up to 3.84, but I've heard some people say that they don't even look at 2nd or 3rd attempt classes, only 1st attempt prereq GPA. Is this true? I kinda hope not since I feel like I wasted $600 to retake classes that I didn't need to (my prior grades in them were B's, retook them and got A's). Any advice can help! Thank you!
  2. brin11299

    FNP programs from Brevard County?

    I lived in Titusville till I was 18. UCF is the best you're going to get if you're in Melbourne.
  3. brin11299

    Pre-Nursing Help in Tampa Bay

    How would staying out of county cost too much? The tuition per credit doesn't change if you live out of county.
  4. brin11299

    Pre Nursing at SPC

    Do the AA/ADM transfer program. It combines the classes needed for the RN degree and classes needed for an AA. This means the degree can transfer to say, USF. Though, if it's within your range of transportation, I suggest you try applying to PHSC as well. Less pre-reqs than SPC, but same classes, just in different order. Plus, it's way cheaper.
  5. brin11299

    PHSC Nursing hopefuls Fall 2019

    Do they only look at your GPA of your pre-reqs, or GPA from all classes? I failed a class back when I was a duel enrollment student and it's bringing me down, but I won't have time to retake it in time for the 2020 Fall deadline.
  6. brin11299

    PHSC Nursing hopefuls Fall 2019

    What's the average score for the TEAS?
  7. brin11299

    US to UK Nursing student

    Am I better off becoming an RN here and then meeting the nurse working qualifications over there and just applying for a work visa?
  8. brin11299

    US to UK Nursing student

    My plan is to get an ASN over here in the states, but after that my life plan was to move to England to be with family. Would my ASN carry over to and English nursing program? I did a lot of research last night but nothing really makes sense? I really need someone to explain the whole process to me. My main concern is getting my ASN and RN just to have to start from the beginning in the UK from it not carrying over. Any/all information would be useful!
  9. brin11299

    International Nursing

    Also, would I be allowed to finish my schooling there from the point that I ended? I really want to be pediatric nurse.
  10. brin11299

    International Nursing

    What about schooling? Or does the schooling not matter, just the experience?
  11. brin11299

    International Nursing

    I hate to sound unpatriotic, but I don't enjoy America as much as I guess my fellow citizens do. I've wanted to live in Europe since I was 6, I just figured that the UK would be easiest since they speak English as well. I just don't know how to have my cake and eat it too. Are there any career paths that involve being a traveling Peds nurse, traveling to different countries?
  12. brin11299

    International Nursing

    Hi! I'm a senior in high school at the moment, and would like to be a pediatric nurse. More specifically, I'd like to become a peds nurse in England. Can anyone give me some insight as to the process of become an international student, qualifications, how the whole degree system works? I'd like to do my ASN in the US and then carry it with me to a school in the UK but I'm not sure if that's how it works. Any info would be appreciated!

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