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Hello everyone. My girlfriend is having trouble trying to get her license in Texas due to the fact that she went to rehab three years ago. The stay in rehab was NOT court mandated. She had some problems but has been clean for over three years. Anyway, she applied for a license to practice in Texas over six months ago and has been getting the go around ever since. Is there anyway that this process can be expedited? This is a good woman who just wants to be a nurse. I thank anyone who can point me in the right direction, or just leave a helpful comment. THANKS!

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If your girlfriend revealed to the Texas BON that she underwent treatment/rehab for an addiction sometime within the past five years, there's really nothing left that can expedite the licensure process. It doesn't matter that the treatment/rehab was voluntary and not mandated by a court. In addition, I would not be surprised if the BON decides to make her complete TPAPN (Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses) sometime in the near future.

Sorry, but the Texas BON does not have much tolerance for nurses who divulge past addictions. I know of someone who got a DUI in another state in 1991, attempted to endorse his license into Texas in 2007, and endured a long wait. In addition, this person was required to complete TPAPN even though he had not abused any alcohol since 1991. Good luck to your girlfriend.

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There really isn't a shortcut.

The vast majority of states are sticklers about licensing ANYONE with a substance abuse issue in their present or past.


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I really appreciate the helpful comments. Though it seems tough i will not be deterred. This girl has worked hard for this and now is being barred for mistakes she made when she was very young. I find it ironic that because she sought help for her addictions voluntarily she is now being denied the opportunity to help others.

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Please review the threads on this BB, in forums for Nurses and Recovery.


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Thank you so my caroladybelle! These threads will be so helpful, and i am sure will lead to a positive outcome. There is nothing that means more to me that helping this girl fulfill her ambitions. I really thank you.


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Your friend is in for a long wait unfortunately. There are 95 State Board employees to deal with 330,000 nurses in the state of Texas which does not include the new applicants and graduates daily. Recent budget cuts may mean a 4 day work week if they haven't already went to that. Their job is protect the citizens of Texas from nurses who are unsafe so they will analyze everything but they are not without understanding of the Human experience. Tell your friend to be patient and cooperative and it will work out in the end. The process may take as long as 1 year for her but this great state of Texas is definately worth the wait.:nurse: