I had my yearly review today that was a little overdue. I did'nt think I had anything to worry about since I got a "very small" raise in my paycheck a few weeks ago. I actually did'nt think I was going to get a review. Anyway, it was'nt good. At the end it said I was on probation for a month and if I did'nt show improvement I may be terminated. I realize I did make some mistakes last year. A couple of them were serious involving narcotics that somehow came up missing. I most likely gave them to the wrong patient (we pass to a lot every day). Another area was comunication. I do realize I'm a quiet person, but thought I was getting better. Another had to do with making decisions on my own. I can see how sometimes I don't really know what to do so I tend to ask someone. I did think I was making improvements the last couple months and things seem to go smoother usually. But it can also get hectic in the corrections environment. I just hope the mistakes I made in the past can stay there, but it seems like I have to "prove" myself this month and do a near perfect job. I know in the past I may have been (and still am) overly stressed about finances as I'm still not full time and really need to work at least another day a week besides the occassion day I can work at the nursing home. I had people say they know I can do the job and I know I can, but I just know I'll never be as good or fast as some of the nurses. Just not sure what to do. I had started to look for another job for awhile, both for FT and more money and now just in case I lose this one. I just hope it won't hurt my chances of finding another job if I get fired. If that happens, I could always work more at the nursing home and possibly get FT in the future, but I don't really like working there and its quite a drive compared to the jail. any advice guys or gals?

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I'm wondering why they would put you on probation at your review instead of when things were happening? Seems like it would have been easier to deal with one thing at a time. Narcs missing is huge anywhere, but that should have been addressed at that time. If it's better now, that should have been it besides the honorable mention at the review.

Did they give you a written list of things to work on and how you are to accomplish the goals? I've never worked in corrections, but will be precepting for my final days as a rn student. I am a lpn and work in ltc. It's pretty rough. I'm hoping I fall in love with corrections and can get out of ltc.


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When they go through the trouble of addressing something on your review, especially without having talked to you about it at the time of the occurrences, you can bet that you have one foot out the door. You can expect to be terminated and should not be surprised. You should be proactive in looking for another position before this happens. Good luck in both situations.


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If they had all these problem areas why werent they addressed to you as they happened? One would think that the boss would come talk to an employee about things like that instead of letting it pile up and hit you all at once....I think its harder to try and correct 5 things at one time vs correcting one thing at a time if that makes sense. Narcotics make me very very nervous..always have...I try to quadruple check when I give narcs and some of the other nurses ive worked with dont even sign out their narcs til the end of the shift...I could never ever do that even if I'd been a nurse for 20 years...I do it as I go so that I dont confuse myself and mess up. Another thing I do at work is take me a stack of neon colored sticky notes and if i give a prn med or if a pt has a change (vomiting, cough,etc) I write myself a note and stick it out the end of my MAR so that Ill remember to go and chart on that person. Everybody says I am a nerd for doing it that way ..but hey....its done nothing but good things for me. Maybe that will help you out too.


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caliotter3,,,wow,,,,,,my situation is about the same as Medsport,,,one year on the job,,clinic setting,,no one said anything until I got my "First Warning" meeting where they basically said I didn't do anything right ecept show up on time each day, didn't take off too often and wasn't looking for another job. I was stunned. 3 months later I get called in,,my doctor is now hitting his growth spurt in his practice(multi-physician practice)and the supervisor is now trying to see where and how we can make if flow smoother, as I'm obviously not up to par. I was nervous and upset at the first meeting,,now I'm even more stressed. I like everything about the job, people, etc, but maybe it's just not the right place for me. This is my first clinic job, thought I'd found my niche' after a few different type settings, but I guess it's time to start looking for a new job. Thanks,,,,i think!? Anyone want to recommend a resume' writer for me? *sobs*
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