Working through Hurricane Sandy?

  1. Anyone stuck working through this "Frankenstorm"? I lost a shift tonight (Sunday into Monday) b/c my ct's college closed and he went home. Fortunately another nurse called out on another case, so I got her shift last minute. (So far no rain.) Tomorrow night my case is 30 miles away, travelling on a busy interstate, and I'll be driving home at 7a just as the thick of the storm is over my area!
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  3. by   PediLove2147
    I would call the family and see if you are actually needed. If they can't go into work they may not need you to come in. My family let me go home early last year with Hurricane Irene.

    Sorry if you are stuck driving though, be careful. If you really feel like you can't go in, call out. Your life is important too!
  4. by   SDALPN
    I talked to my boss about it a few days ago. I told them I would work, but would like the choice to leave if it started getting too bad so I wouldn't be stuck at work or driving in high winds on a major highway. My boss agreed to leave it up to me and just asked me to tell the family of my plan in case it gets that bad. So far I haven't left early. I also made it clear that I would make every effort to work if at all possible. It worked well. But if I was working with my other agency, they probably wouldn't go for that. So it may depend on your agency or supervisor. Stay safe! :-)
  5. by   Elektra6
    My client's families want you there if they are off. Having a nurse there gives them a "vacation" day. They really couldn't care less about our safety.
  6. by   CloudySue
    Whew... I just got a call that the ct's mom cancelled (apparently she does that during major storms, I've never been w them for one) and they swapped me w a case that's only 3 miles from my home on back roads. What a relief! This boy is CPAP/vent but only when he's sick. He was well two nights ago, so I'm going to be confident that he still is well.