New LVN Grad Interviewing for Private Nurse - Tips?

  1. Hi,

    I am new to these boards, so I hope I am doing everything right here.

    I am a new LVN grad and tomorrow I will be interviewing for my first job. It is a job I found posted on Craigslist and the ad refers to the position as "caregiver" but goes on to say the applicant must be LVN or higher in medical field.

    The job is for a woman who is blind and has cerebral palsy and is restricted to a wheelchair.

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me what I might be getting into here - is this a good idea for a first job? As far as paperwork, is this something the client (or her mother, which is who I am interviewing with) will have or will coming up with that be my responsibility?

    I hope my questions make sense and there is someone who can give me some guidance!

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  3. by   CloudySue
    Most agencies require at least a year of experience. I do private duty now and I cannot imagine jumping into that without my year's experience in a nursing home. You really learn the basics and have other nurses to whom you may ask questions. I hated LTC work but it was invaluable to become proficient in performing assessments, med passing (you get really good at knowing all those meds), wound dressings, tube feedings, needle sticks, and all the PAPERWORK that they really seem to not tell you about in nursing school. Plus, I would be leery of any company who advertises on Craigslist. Lots of scams there, plus I prefer to work for a co. who does not mind shelling out a few bucks to put their ads on a more reputable site.

    I know some people do jump right in to home health care/private duty and do fine. I personally would not have been half the nurse I am today if not for facility experience.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Whether you are sent by an agency to meet the patient/family, or responding to an ad for a private duty position, the person interviewing you will start out by asking you about your nursing experience, particularly in dealing with the patient's conditions.
  5. by   Jenn55e
    I can't say enough of how this thread has guided me into the independent private duty nursing:

    private duty nurse

    It will answer a lot of your questions!
  6. by   systoly
    Whatever you do, get malpractice insurance.