Do you "friend" your pts on Facebook??? - page 3

I am a new nurse and just started private duty nursing. My pts parents sent me a friend request on Facebook. I have yet to accept. I am friends with several of my co-workers on facebook and I saw... Read More

  1. by   nursel56
    The agency line was always "they call us and we call you" although in practice that does not work as offices get busy or are notoriously bad about returning calls and relaying messages. Maybe it would be worth it to get a tracfone or other inexpensive phone just for work-related calls.
  2. by   SDALPN
    My phone has an option to block my number when calling out. It doesn't block my number on text messages though. My agency doesn't even have my cell number because there are times that I don't want to be disturbed unless it's someone close to me. I forward my calls from my house to my cell while at work. That way it's my home number I'm giving out. It's listed anyway in the phone book. When I call out it displays "anonymous"to the person I'm calling. If a parent wants to speak with me to check in, I'll arrange a time to call them. Or they can call the agency and hope the message gets to me and that they get a message back. When I'm off or on vacation, I'm comfortable leaving my cellphone on without worrying about the office or a family calling.