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Hello, I am new here. I am in the process of planning my own business, either home care (private duty) or care manager (I just became aware of this title; is anyone familiar with it?). I read in... Read More

  1. by   CloudySue
    I'm not quite sure I completely understand what I'm reading about here. Am I to understand that an individual with any type of nursing license, including LPN (which I am), can get their own number to be a direct provider of nursing care in a home, under the direction of the client's MD, and collect the full hourly fee from private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid? So essentially I cut out the middleman, the agency, and collect the full amount that an agency would before they cut me my check? If this is correct, I would have to find my own clients, but then once I work everything out with them, I start? How would I market myself? Craigslist can get quite shady. If I get lots of business, can I have employees? (I know that's getting ahead of myself here, but I'd like to know if there's growth potential in this.) Thank you!
  2. by   sunrock
    @cloudy sue: I was referring Medicaid only. Yes if you get the client and it OS approved got Medicaid, you cut out middleman. Private companies do not know about us. B cause no one markets private nursing, it would put others out of business. Agencies take a1/3 of our pay with no benefits, having said that nursing will be changing to alternative care shortly.
  3. by   caliotter3
    My former supervisor was paid directly by the insurance company when they dumped the home health agency. Although the middleman was cut out, she divulged to me that she received no increase in pay at all. So, you can not assume that you will always get a better rate of pay.
  4. by   sunrock
    At cloudy sue: ok'd, you can register with local Medicaid office. Put ad in papers, word of mouth. ,
  5. by   bradysgang32
    medicaid provider number nys application
  6. by   sunrock
    As mentioned you can register on line for Medicaid # and npi #, not sure what your ? Is
  7. by   siwamn
    @sunrock, do you know what is currently the rate for an adult private duty care(rn) that medicaid would pay? And how long it usually take from the moment I send an application to getting my number so I could work.
    Thanks for your help!
  8. by   sunrock
    N.y. 36.00, u can ask for an enhanced rate if, hr, ventilator, men txs., etc. That is rn rate. Lpn is 24.72. Children is 36.00 lpn and 52.00 rn until 22yrs.
  9. by   sunrock
    About a month,
  10. by   siwamn
    Thanks Sunrock. Is there any way I could contact you directly or give u my email address off this site? I have few other questions but don't want to write them here....
  11. by   sunrock
    Send me a private message
  12. by   GoosbyLPN
  13. by   brett213
    Its taking Ohio 120 days to process PDN apps. Told mine will be done this week... Any other current providers here that dont work for an agency? Im ready, nervous and excited.. BLR/LPN