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Has anyone or does anyone know someone who has left the AD Army as an officer in a basic branch and come back in as an Army Nurse? The FNEP program doesn't fit what I want to do, but I'd like to return to the service if possible. Thanks for any advice anyone has!

... you just need to get your BSN or MSN and then apply. What questions do you have?

I know I need the BSN, but given that in basic branches officers who want to come back in aren't always able to do so (especially with the surplus, although I understand that AMEDD is still short), I want to know if anyone has any experience where prior service made it difficult or impossible to come back in as opposed to someone starting fresh.

AMEDD might be short.. but the nursing corp is not... prior service is seen as a positive note.

Roger, thanks.

Trin, I recall finding a facebook page specifically for army nursing. If I recall the address, I'll pm you.

I had been looking into going in to the Navy (I'm a prior USMC Officer). One thing for me was, being a new RN, I was going to lose rank. Not the biggest deal in the world, but something to consider, especially when looking at how many years you would have until retirement. I am an O4 and would go in as an O2. One good thing was that they told me (and yes, I know it would have to be in writing) was that I would be an O2E, given that I had 10 yrs of prior service and was losing rank.

0402... were you prior service enlisted and then OCS commissioned or other route to obtain your 04?

The rank change is good for others to note.. but also worthy that it is individually decided.. for example the Army's Medical Branch AMED determines and appoints rank from within... I think 04 to 02 might even be a bit liberating and sets you up for success as a new nurse! Congrats.

I was commissioned via PLC (not prior enlisted). I did 8 yrs AD, as a logistician, got out as an O3 and have since been promoted to O4 in the reserves (I joined in '98). If I went AD again, I would be at 9 yrs, I believe, and if I went reserves I would at 10 or 11 (hence why time to retirement would be a factor for me). O2 could be liberating, but it could also be frustrating. I can see both sides, but for me, it would also be a change of service, so it would a two-fold culture adjustment (both to another service and then to the medical side), whereas I could see a transition within the same service being a little bit easier (which obviously is not an option for a Marine).

OXE is for enlisted folk only... prior commissioned service doesn't qualify.. you would simply be an O2 with 8 years of service (and some change)... no E.


Have you talked to an Army Health Care Recruiter to see if they would do a waiver for your rank??

SFC Jimenez,

My husband is AD Marine Corps, and as such, if I were to go back in, the only service I would go into is the Navy- mostly for the logistics of being stationed together but also for personal reasons. The rank adjustment isn't the biggest deal in the world, and I can see why a new RN should definitely not be an O3 or O4. Another thing I've thought about doing is working at my civilian job for at least a year and then seeing if maybe I could come back in as an O3 at that point, at least possibly as a reservist. In an ideal world, I could get a job as a GS in an MTF and once a weekend come into that same MTF, just in uniform, and fulfill my reserve duties. I know there are people out there that do it, so I'll just have to keep my eyes open and see what's going to work best for our family.

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