Pressure ulcer during prolonged surgery always happens?

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Pressure ulcer development during prolonged surgery is the issue in hospital. We can do close observation of the skin, since the length of surgery cannot be changed. So is there any particular preventive measure, tool or technique, something like that used in OR?

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They always pad pressure areas in the OR. It's written in every operative note I've ever read. I don't think I've ever actually seen a pressure ulcer result from the OR.



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Why do you ask? Is this homework? What surgeries can you think of where patients would be prone to pressure ulcers? What do you think could be done? Let's hear your thoughts first.



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I heard from one of the other nurses that floated down to surgery that they were putting a mepilex dressing on the coccyx of every patient going into surgery to prevent pressure ulcers. I thought that was kinda interesting.


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Our preprocedure paperwork has a spot where you can mark that the patient has an allevyn dressing for pressure ulcer prevention, though I've never sent a patient for a long enough procedure where I felt it was necessary.