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To enter Nursing program in either Fall '01 or Spring '02 I need to finish the following courses: 1) CNA course (prereq), 2) Microbiology (coreq), 3) Pathophysiology - 2 credits (coreq) . Would you advise me to get these ALL completed before applying ot Nursing program or to just get started with nursing and start program in Fall? I think I should get them all completed before I apply but I suppose with me being 40 in October (God I am that old!) that I feel I just want to get things started as I've waited so long as it is to do this.


I took all those first. Best thing I could have done. Gave me more time for the "nursing classes". They also tend to be homework heavy courses. Less to do when you are writing those care plans and diagnosis essays the the "cellular level"

Good luck

I am just curious...what type of nursing program are you in? Why the CNA course? In my state you can work as a CNA after your first semester in clinicals. Like I said just curious.

Good question - why CNA cert - where are you? I took all my prereqs before I applied. I was 42 when I started nursing school. I took nutrition in the spring, then 12 hours of chemistry during the summer, then A&P, microbiology, etc.,the following year. I watched people taking other classes while doing nursing. It wouldn't have worked for me. I needed to focus solely on nursing.

Wow, at least you are able to take the patho, chem, etc first. Where I am applying I have to be accepted into the program prior to taking any of that. Maybe I am just mis informed, or possibly I am getting some credit for already being a LPN. I am still studying for the entrance math exam can't seem to get beyond addition and subtraction of signed numbers. I really don't wwan't to blow it as I don't wan't to take a math course on top of it all, and paying international funds hurts already.I am not a idiot, passed the l.p.n. with honor standing, just can't get a grasp on algebra. Sorry if I rambled on.

I live in Arizona and am applying for ADN program. Arizona ADN programs require you either be state board certified CNA, take a CNA course or you can do some kind of assessment (ICAN). I really don't know why they require it as a prereq but opinion would be that if you work as a CNA and can handle that job you should be able to handle a lot (hot all) of the stuff that nursing will throw at you thru the years. Also it will make or break your decision to pursue nursing as a career - CNA work is hard and low paid. Survive that and you can survive nursing school I think (this is only my opinion).By the way my decision isn't made yet as to whether I will do all coreqs and prereqs first (likely will though) and thank you all for your responses.

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