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Prereq needed - ethics


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Has anyone taken a self-paced online ethics course that has college credit?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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I did in my BSN program, but it was part of the nursing curriculum. Be sure it pertains to nursing, if that is your discipline.

I have taken Ethics as an elective, but it was general ethics not medical ethics. Worst darn course EVER.

StayingCalm, BSN, RN

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i'm taking this class online right now at a local community college. it fulfills my lower division arts & humanities ge requirements.

[color=white]phil 60 - intro to phil: ethics

problems of good and evil, right and wrong, individual and/ or social action; principles, criteria or starting points for these issues and decisions as discussed and developed in great writings of the philosophical-literary tradition. (formerly phil 2)

3.000 credit hours

54.000 lecture hours

I took Ethics as a telecourse through my local community college about four years ago. Telecourse meant it was offered through our local cable company, as a cable access show. I live a bit out of town and didn't get the channel so I had a friend record it for me a few times a week. It was basically self-paced; you were expected to take the kind of notes you needed to come in for testing every few weeks. I generally love philosophy courses, but this one almost bored me to death. It was more about philosophers and what they thought about ethics than a healthcare-specific ethics course (which I think I would have really enjoyed). It wasn't bad though; honestly I didn't ever study and I think I got a B+ or A-.

Jules A, MSN

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I liked ethics and it was online but not self paced.