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  1. StayingCalm

    Competitive Pre-Nursing Students?

    I came across a few "ultra-competitive" students during prerequisites. Things got even worse in one particular class, when our professor declared his curve grading policy. People started making pacts and factions, sort of like reality TV shows. I guess part of it is also due to the fact, that this class is one of the last prerequisite classes one has to complete before applying (we sort of have to take them in order at this particular school). But in the end, it's like someone else stated, we're really competing against those that we can't see. And like someone else also brought up, once you're in a nursing program, competition should die down. I'm a couple weeks into a nursing program and our professors had said to us over & over again, that we're no longer competing against each other and we're in this together now.
  2. StayingCalm

    CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 Applicants

    I think you're referring to the CNSA list of recommended equipment that was part of the orientation packet. It includes stethoscope, BP cuff (w/o Sprague option), medical clipboard w/ calculator, stainless steel bandage scissors (5 1/2" is recommended), and pen light. Other recommended items are wristwatch w/ large face and secondhand & plain white t-shirts to be worn under uniform.
  3. StayingCalm

    Private School or Community College?! Please Help

    onesmartgirl - i couldn't have said it any better myself! your nursing program sounds intensive but the return on investment can't be beat! i totally agree that opportunities are not just about resumes. one of my best friend, who is a regional executive for kaiser permanente, had said the same. if you don't mind me asking, which csu will you be attending? i'm about to begin a csu nursing program myself (2 year bsn w/ public health cert).
  4. StayingCalm

    TEAS and more than one school

    You only have to take the exam once & your score can be sent electronically through ATI for about $20 per request.
  5. Anyone else in the fall BSN or ELMSN program that's attending this coming Monday's SOAR?
  6. StayingCalm

    Online Psychology class

    I took general psychology online, at a local community college. I did my research on the instructor & class before registering. My class was very organized (1 chapter of reading + 2 mini projects w/ replies + exam ... every 2 weeks) and progressed at a relaxing pace. If you can, I would recommend taking it on campus. I think group discussion will enhance your learning experience with a class such as psychology.
  7. StayingCalm

    Csulb nursing program

    @Omglizison - Check your PM folder.
  8. StayingCalm

    Csulb nursing program

    @Omglizison - I agree, studying biology for 3 years previously will definitely make your life easier. I'm hoping pharm & patho will not be too difficult at CSULB, like you've suggested. I'm trying to get a head start by reading the "made incredibly easy" nursing reference book series. BTW, I remember you from the other post & I believe we're in the same assigned clinical group. @mmm62892 - You might be able to join CNSA (California Nursing Student Association) @ CSULB as a pre-nursing student. It might be beneficial since you'll have the opportunity to network with current nursing students & possibly other pre-nursing students.
  9. StayingCalm

    Csulb nursing program

    Seems like you're rushing but I can understand your reasons. Perhaps you can accomplish them rapidly without jeopardizing your GPA, if you can stay organized and focused. I haven't been to SOAR yet but I will be starting the BSN program next month. It is indeed difficult to get into the program, but it's not impossible. It's probably a good idea for you to apply for spring program. I believe spring application periods are for enrolled CSULB students only, which means it should be less competitive. If you haven't already, check out the latest applicant pool statistics compiled by the nursing dept. Good luck!
  10. StayingCalm

    International Textbooks

    I've bought international edition microbiology textbook + lab manual. Our instructor actually suggested international edition texts to us. The only noticeable differences were back & front covers and binding.
  11. StayingCalm

    Issues with MMR requirement...

    From what I understand, you could probably go about this in two ways. You can try to get the MMR & varicella vaccines again, get the records, and show them to your school as proof of vaccination. Another possible method is to get the MMR & varicella titers through a hospital, clinic, or student health center. Titers will indicate whether you're immune (through previous vaccination) to MMR & varicella. If you were a community college student, try checking their student health center. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to pay the registration fees, in order to have access to the health center. I was a CC student but didn't register for any class this summer. I was denied access to the student health center, until I registered for a PE class (which I later dropped) and paid the registration fees.
  12. StayingCalm

    CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 Applicants

    Besides the patient's voice, caring: making a difference, and interpersonal relationships, I'm also thinking about buying nursing diagnosis handbook used. It seems to be a paperback book without any extra features if bought new. Anyone have any suggestions on this book?
  13. StayingCalm


    As stated by several people on your other posting, "pre-nursing" alone is not an associate degree program. You can think of "pre-nursing" as a name of some sort to categorize yourself as, during the period of time when you're working on your prerequisites. For those 3 schools specifically & as a transfer applicant, I had to declare myself as a pre-nursing major during university applications (via csumentor.edu). I'm not sure if it's absolutely essential to do so but it was clearly stated on their informational packet/pamphlet. I'm not sure how that works if say, you're a current student @ CSUEB. I believe once you're accepted into the BSN program & you accepted the offer, you major will be changed to BSN nursing by the nursing department. At least that was the case for me. If you're a current student at CSUEB, for example, you will not need to submit another university application there. Nursing program application deadline for these schools varies. You should definitely visit each of these nursing school's website, download their informational packet/pamphlet, and study them well. Many of your questions (including deadlines) will be answered by reading them carefully.
  14. StayingCalm


    I strongly recommend you to visit each of these nursing school's website, download their informational packet/pamphlet, and study them well. Each school have informational meetings that you might want to consider attending. But just to give you an idea, prerequisites + lower division GEs will take you about 2 years to complete. Those 2 years are generally considered as your college freshmen & sophmore years. Once you're accepted into any of these nursing schools, you're typically in sophmore/junior status. BSN program from these schools will take about 3 years to complete. As far as the application process goes, once you've completed the prerequisite classes & some of your lower division GEs, you'll likely need to take some sort of entrance exam (TEAS for example). You'll need to apply to each university & their perspective nursing school. So for example, when I applied to CSUEB's BSN program, I had to submit a university application via csumentor.edu & a nursing program application online through their website. So technically you'll have to submit two applications per CSU. I believe the deadline for university application is typically late November. Nursing school application deadline varies. Typically when you submit your university application, you'll want to list "pre-nursing" as your major. Once you're accepted, your major will be changed accordingly. Hope this answered most of your questions. Good luck!
  15. Hi Ankha. I'm assuming you're talking about the BSN program. I will be starting the BSN program there this fall. You probably already know that spring application periods are for current CSULB students only. Looking at the application pool stat, it seems like spring application periods are less competitive so you'll probably have a good chance of being accepted. But it probably wouldn't hurt to take the TEAS again & hopefully you'll score higher. CSULB looked at my overall TEAS score, math TEAS score, overall GPA, and science prerequisite GPA. On a 10 point scale, your science prerequisite GPA is worth up to 4 points. Overall TEAS, math TEAS, and overall GPA are worth up to 2 points each. You're probably in good shape if you have a overall rating of 8 or above. Good luck!