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I'm about to start nursing school in the fall and I wanted to find a good book to help me prepare for nursing school and a good nclex practice book any suggestions???

I'm about to start nursing school in the fall and I wanted to find a good book to help me prepare for nursing school and a good nclex practice book any suggestions???

I too am looking for suggestions of books that will help prepare me for nursing school!! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I start nursing school next month as well and already have my nursing school textbooks so I've been going through them. But before I received my books I reviewed medical terminology and dosage calculations. Since my 1st semester will consist of Fundamentals and Health Assessment I purchased Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and Health Assessment Made Incredibly Easy. I think that the "Made Incredibly Easy" book series are very helpful. Also, the dosage calculations book was called Dosage Calculations Demystified. I bought Lippincott's Fast Facts for NCLEX-RN, it's just 5000 facts broken up into the different body systems and no rationales but it does teach you how to understand and answer the alternate-format questions which you'll encounter on the NCLEX so that's really good. I looked over it but will hold off because those are things I'll learn throughout the nursing program. If you can get your booklist for your classes that would be a good start. Congratulations too :w00t:

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I have all of the "Made Incredibly Easy" books, although these are more helpful for while you're IN nursing school. To prepare, I mostly reviewed my pre-req stuff such as medical terminology and A&P. I also did a lot of practicing with doage calculations and studying unit conversions. NCLEX-RN review books are beneficial. I have "Lippincott's Fast Facts," "Saunder's NCLEX-RN Review," and a few others. As far as just reading up on surviving and handling NS, I read books such as "How to Survive & Maybe Even Love Nursing School," "Test Success - Test Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students," and several others.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information I highly appreciate it. And congrats to you too :) I was really excited when they accepted me some former students told me it was going to be tough but at the end it will be worth it.

@ ericabeth thank you so much for info I really appreciate it. Yeah, I started looking over my a&p notes and I heard so much about the "How to Survive & Maybe Even Love Nursing Book" and now that you mentioned it, I'm going to buy it :) How far are you in nursing school?

Maybe try How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School by Kelli S. Dunham and What Smart Students Know by Adam Robinson. There are also some useful threads on here. One I have bookmarked is:

I am starting my second year/final year of my BSN. I don't know that there's necessarily a book that will help you prepare. I would recommend getting a good hard copy or electronic planner to keep you assignments, etc organized. Also brush up on your math for Pharm. There's lots of conversions to remember grams, microgram, milligrams, oz, millileters, liters, etc. Practice converting between them.

The most important thing is to spend as much time as you can with friends and family having fun. You wont have time once school starts.

Remeber it will be rough but you can do it.


There is a LOT of good info on here. I personally feel like I can never have enough info! I know a few students that have recently graduated, and they said that the Kaplan RN program helped them out a LOT. It's expensive, but my instructors recommended that a few people get together and pay for it to share. It was over $400 the last time I checked. It was also suggested that we start is after we have started our 2nd year.

Thank you so much zoe92 I really appreciate it :)

I know im really enjoying the free time that I have left. I know it is going to be tough but if I put my mind to it I know I will be able to do. Thanks for the information. - mono2010

I know this website has been really helpful to me and yeah I've been looking around but its quite expensive but I know its going to be worth it.

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