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Preparing for the NCLEX!!

by Jen009 Jen009 (New) New

Hi all! I am graduating from nursing school in May and am looking for some advice on how to approach studying/preparing for the NCLEX. I have been doing old NCLEX questions but I don't feel that is enough! I was wondering what has worked for others.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!:D

My strategy is of course doing million of questions from the CDS,regular book format (I use lippincott,Saunders,Hesi Review Book,Pharmacology Success a course Review applying Critical thinking to test taking,Prioritizing Delegation Assigment book-great book in learning how to proritize your cases),Nclex 3500.

I also purchased flash card,love them (Kaplan meds cars and Saunders Q&A).

I am also thinking about buying Nclex Board game,make it a little bit more fun!

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Moved to the NCLEX forum where much has already been written on what worked for people. I personally preferred Saunders and learningext (NCSBN)

:wink2: hi there!

i used Saunders 4th Edition plus its CD, Prioritization, assessment and Delegation by La Charity.

Thank you! And I will check out the other discussions under the student section :)

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