Preparing to go back to nursing after a long career break.

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I have been away from nursing for 19 months now after having worked as an rn for 8 years in m/s, tele, step-down and occasional float to icu with the more stable patients when they were short on nurses.

But I'm excited to go back to nursing in a few months when I apply for a nursing position again. Either start in med-surg again or work in ER.

im thinking of buying the new Saunders comprehensive nclex review book because it's s great book which reviews briefly all that we learnt in nursing school in a brief concise summary. That's the book I used to study for my nclex back in 2006. I figure I should start reviewing that.

do you guys have any suggestions on review books or materials to prepare myself for work in the nursing field again?


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I think your money might be better spent on review books for certifications like for the Med-Surg cert CMSRN or CCRN, etc. Your foundation of knowledge is still in their somewhere, I think a refresher on putting the bigger pictures back together again would serve you better. Heck if you still have your old A&P book, skim through that too to supplement. Good luck!


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Just 19 months ? Not much has changed in the last 19 months except for the Orange man and the geriatric couple running for the POTUS.