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Hello! Does anyone know of a nursing group or organization that is geared toward pre-nursing students who are anxiously waiting on wait lists an is lotteries to get into a nursing program? I know once you are in nursing school you can join a student organization...just wondering what I can do while I wait to get I to school, I'd like to start networking now! Thanks!


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I haven't heard of a prenursing organization, at least there's none at my school. But you might be able to start one if you wanted to. I am sure you will find plenty of pre nursing students in your pre req courses.


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Other than on here for support, I don't know of anything.

My school allows pre-nursing students to join the SNA (Student Nurses Association).


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Zoe- that's a great idea! I should look into that, thanks!

And runnerrn, I will have to check with the schools I am applying to...would be nice if I could join now! Thanks for the advice! :)