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Where are other pregnant nurses working during covid??

I am currently 7 months pregnant. I was working on a pcu unit that was made a covid unit so administration made me redeploy to my old med-surg unit. That med surg unit was then also transitioned to covid so they redeployed me again, but apparently that unit no longer has a need for me (always low census now). I have been told that they do not have a new place to redeploy me and are covering my time using my pto (I only have about 48 hours so it’s going quickly).

I spoke with HR and they state I need a doctors note stating I’m “high risk” to qualify me for the new paid emergency leave program. When I spoke with my OB they can’t write a note stating I’m high risk because a lack of evidence that pregnancy is truly a high risk category (although it is listed on the cdc website under other at-risk category). I’m just wondering what other nurses are doing??

To be clear: I WANT to work. But since administration “can’t” redeploy me, I’m trying to find other options.

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I am 6 months pregnant and have severe asthma and currently getting a lot of pushback from my employer because they dont want to reassign me stating that other pregnant nurses are caring for covid patients throughout the hospital and I'm making everyone's job harder by refusing to care for these patients. I have spoken with my union, administration, lawyers, fmla, osha, HR, employee health and am in the midst of possibly being reassigned to a noncovid unit but it may become a covid unit by the time I get there because things are so bad. My OB said the same as you literally "I can't put you on disability because of your fear" how rude. I've read several stories of people having covid and complications during childbirth, preterm labor, vented pregnant women having emergency c sections, and they were at least in their third trimester so the chances of their babies surviving is greater. I would say try going on light duty or get a second opinion from another OB. Or consider light duty. At least your job is attempting to protect you. If you are infected with covid when you give birth who knows if you will have a spouse with you or if you and the baby will be separated or if the baby will end up sick. It's not worth it. I'm sorry for the long post this is literally all I've been thinking about. My boss's last words to me were "you better get this straightened out with HR before your next shift because I'm not going to be able to accommodate you anymore" so I either call out or risk caring for basically dying covid patients in the ICU ??

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