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ICURN1010 has 3 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. ICURN1010

    Do I take my dream job while pregnant during the pandemic?

    You might run into issues when it comes time for maternity leave if you've been at this hopsital for less than a year. As far as covid patients see what that hospital's policy is, some are much more active in protecting their staff than others. I'm also pregnant and having issues with my job pushing me to care for covid patients with improper PPE and I've had to go to HR, a lawyer, my union, and hospital administration and I'm still in the process of just getting moved to a noncovid floor that I'm qualified to work in. My director has been very nasty calling me selfish and telling me she will not accommodate me.
  2. ICURN1010

    COVID 19 patient and the pregnant nurse

    I've heard of hospitals attempting to reassign pregnant nurses to noncovid areas of the hospital. The hospital where I work is not one of them. I've been in a fight to be reassigned to a floor where I'm not directly caring for covid patients. I've had to make so many calls and they're finally telling me I may qualify for modified duty because I have severe asthma. I would say if you're getting resistance from your job contact your union rep and if they suck call your union's main office and leave a message. Call a lawyer, call HR, call OSHA whoever you have to if you feel unsafe.
  3. ICURN1010

    Pregnant caring for covid19 patients

    I'm 24 weeks pregnant and refusing to care for covid patients in the ICU. My request for a transfer to a noncovid floor has been met with a lot of pushback and I had to contact lawyers, my union VP of nurses, OSHA, hospital administration. And after one rejected accommodation from my OB another has been submitted and is under review. The first time they basically told me they couldn't help me and I needed to go on leave. My OB refused to approve short term disability because I am still able to physically work. The director of my unit called me.selfish and told me to handle my situation with HR because she will not be able to predict what patients I will get next time I come in. It's been like this for weeks. I cry constantly because of all the crazy stories I hear about pregnant women vented and needing emergency c sections and preterm labor and hemorrhaging after c sections in covid positive mothers. Not to mention isolation from my newborn or being afraid to breastfeed or be close to him because newborns are dying from covid. I really wish I was able to quit
  4. ICURN1010

    Pregnant during covid crisis

    I'm 6 months pregnant and asthmatic and working in a hospital that is pushing back really hard at my refusal to care for covid patients. They at one point told me I had no choice but to leave and I contacted a lawyer and a higher up in my union and they're attempting to place me on a noncovid floor for now but it has to be approved by HR who already once rejected my accommodation request from my OB. short term disability and fmla was denied because my OB will not approve me for leave based only on pregnancy. I've contacted OSHA, lawyers, and as many people from my hospital as I could think of. I cannot afford not to work and I'm just counting the days until I can go on maternity leave and pray I dont get sick. People are sending me messages randomly telling me that they know L&D nurses who cared for several vented pregnant women who needed emergency c-sections because of fetal distress. There have also been a few stories of covid positive women delivering via c-section and severely hemorrhaging afterwards requiring ICU care. I'm just counting the days until I can go on maternity leave.
  5. ICURN1010

    Pregnant and working during covid

    I am 6 months pregnant and have severe asthma and currently getting a lot of pushback from my employer because they dont want to reassign me stating that other pregnant nurses are caring for covid patients throughout the hospital and I'm making everyone's job harder by refusing to care for these patients. I have spoken with my union, administration, lawyers, fmla, osha, HR, employee health and am in the midst of possibly being reassigned to a noncovid unit but it may become a covid unit by the time I get there because things are so bad. My OB said the same as you literally "I can't put you on disability because of your fear" how rude. I've read several stories of people having covid and complications during childbirth, preterm labor, vented pregnant women having emergency c sections, and they were at least in their third trimester so the chances of their babies surviving is greater. I would say try going on light duty or get a second opinion from another OB. Or consider light duty. At least your job is attempting to protect you. If you are infected with covid when you give birth who knows if you will have a spouse with you or if you and the baby will be separated or if the baby will end up sick. It's not worth it. I'm sorry for the long post this is literally all I've been thinking about. My boss's last words to me were "you better get this straightened out with HR before your next shift because I'm not going to be able to accommodate you anymore" so I either call out or risk caring for basically dying covid patients in the ICU
  6. ICURN1010

    Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    Not at all. I also attempted to file for fmla because I'm pregnant and asthmatic and work in an ICU and got a lot of pushback from my job about caring for covid patients. Maybe see if they can switch your assignment.

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