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A week ago I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant.

I am very exited and happy but I am soo nauseated. I don't know

how to survive my working day's.

Every time a go in a home to do a visit, I pray that I will not vomit.

Scarred to take a shift work longer than 2 hrs.

Do you have any tips or do you have/had the same experience?

And when should I tell my boss? Think it would be better if he knows

why I refuse clients. What do you think?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hang in there, the first trimester is the worst. Don't, I repeat, don't take your prenatal vitamins in an empty stomach. :nono: Please just take my word on this.

If you are needing to refuse cases, I would recommend that you do tell your boss. You don't want your work record to look negative. Plus, you may need to consider lifting restrictions at some point so you might as well come clean. I didn't announce my pregnancies until after the 1st trimester but since you are experiencing issues that may affect your job, I would definitely let your boss know.


I am in the same boat, I am 8 weeks and feel the urge to vomit even when driving, I dont know what to do, at this point working 5 days a week is killing me also.

Thanks for the tip Kyasi. I found out the hard way not to take the vitamin on a empty stomach. Now I take it after work :). I still didn't tell my boss and try not to until I get my first picture and a heart beat.

Shondacat517, sometimes Ginger ale works for me or to eat some crackers or other dry bread, but like I said only sometimes. Since about a week some smells gross me out.

How are you doing? Did you tell your boss yet?

When you go to tell your boss you might want to preempt any concerns by providing him with a doctor's release and assure him that you will let him know as soon as your doctor should put any restrictions on your work. Your boss will probably try to work out some way to make things easier on you anyway.

no i havent told my boss yet and thanks for the tip with ginger. my doc gave me some suckers that help with the urge to void called bnatal. i am doing alot better but just so tired. how are u sinawahi ?

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Don't let yourself get hungry. If you feel hungry, you will start puking. No vitamins on an empty stomach! Eat crackers between cases and whenever you get the chance- they seem to help me a lot. (I am in my 3rd pregnancy)

Crackers help me a lot. Since mid-last week I feel a little better. Still nauseated and

always hungry but ok. I am also very tired, never have been that tired in my life,

and I started to get very emotional with everything also with work issues.

Wish I could afford to cut down on my hours

hang in there the first trimester can be the hardest, as a mother of 3 i still have never experiences tiredness like pregnancy tired:yawn::yawn::yawn::yawn:. it is like no other. congrats!!! if it is affecting your job definetly come clean you don't want to jeapordize your job:yeah::lol2:

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