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The 2 other pregnant nurses I work with in ICU have taken personal leaves, as our unit is covid territory. I also float to the ED, but even feel safer there somehow, because I'm not "submerged" or saturated in these patients rooms for 12 hours suffocating (I know this is in my head). A personal leave would mean no pay and I'm the only income to support my 2 year old at home. It's also said that on a personal leave management can call you back whenever they want to, which will be our peak here pretty soon.

My OB said he can't write for FMLA, because there's not been enough evidence to warrant it, but he would write for a personal leave or a letter recommending a lesser risk position. I work for the Cleveland Clinic, I don't doubt they are trying to keep us safe, but now it's been implemented we will float without warning to any other hospital in the enterprise and what if that unit isn't taking it's best precaution. My biggest fear is getting sick enough to require the intervention my patients do. My baby, any fetus, would not survive excessive intubation, pronation, or paralyzation. I know the chances are slim, but I've seen younger and healthier than me get there and is it worth the chance? I've never been scared of much when it comes to work, but I'm downright terrified going in now.

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I'm so sorry! Terrifying times to be pregnant right now. Noone could have seen this coming!! I would take personal leave and resign if called up too soon. Then it's time to go on WIC and Medicare if needed to protect you and your unborn child and toddler.

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I totally agree with the comment upstairs. I feel the same , at this moment, as you're pregnant , I believe you should consider yourself and baby more , yes . It's really sucks if stopped job for awhile when we have to, but if this is something we have to do to protect ourselves , then we have to do . And stay open if they can send you to a safer department to work. Be brave , I will pray for you. Stay safe and healthy all the time.

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