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Specializes in NICU and neonatal transport.

Thanks for thinking of me :)

Am now 40+2, seeing the midwife today and then a possible USS on Monday because he is so big xx

Specializes in NICU.

Sending good thoughts your way for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby and mama! Keep us updated.

Specializes in NICU.
hey...the lungs are matured at 37 weeks, right? Just wait another week! Here's to you having a safe delivery and a healthy baby : )

No! Not all babies have mature lungs at 37 weeks! :angryfire

Fetal lung maturity is never the same and this misconception of "baby is mature at 37" weeks is naive!!!!

To the OP:

I work in a center much like yours. We see about 1=3% of all babies born in a 200 mile radius. It's scary, it's overwhelming and sometimes extremely sad.

You have a couple of weeks to a month to go. Ask to work with the less sick babies, don't attend deliveries if you can help it.

Focus on your health and that of your baby. As a HC provider you have a hand up on all those women who don't know about fetal lung maturity, pre-term induction, post-term induction and so on.

A honest conversation with your midwife is warranted. If you are 100% sure of your dates, you may not have to wait for 42 weeks to come for an induction. Also, what about "home remedies" to help with labor? I'll put it this way, go have a little fun with your man before the baby arrives!

Go on a date, light some candles, make some spicy foods, you get this gist of what I'm saying! RELAX!!!! Get a pre-natal massage, play some music, punch some bags at the gym if you feel your work is getting in the way of your very own delivery.

Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your little one and enjoy mommy-hood!:yeah:

Specializes in NICU and neonatal transport.

Thanks for your advice xx

Specializes in NICU and neonatal transport.

Hi just to update you all, I'm being induced on Friday after a discussion with the consultant obs. Will be 41+3.

Thanks for all the advice x

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