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Hi Everyone,

I’m a new grad and found out I was pregnant during COVID (currently 16 weeks). I recently got a call for an interview for a school nurse position. I plan on, at minimum, going on the interview, but I’d love to hear about experiences as a school nurse and get insight into any preparations taking place to best handle COVID should schools resume. Obviously concerned about the safety of myself and baby, on top of taking this position on as a new grad. Interview tips also welcome! Thanks everyone.



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Even under normal circumstances I would not recommend a new grad take a school nurse job. Add in all this year’s way. It’s very intimidating being the only medical professional in the building. You don’t know what you need to know until you don’t know things. Get some experience under your belt and revisit the school nurse thing if you’re still interested.



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OP - I think every respondent here will give you the same advice as PP SaltineQueen. Even for clinically experienced nurses, the learning curve for transitioning to school nsg is super steep. But during C19?!?!?!?!!?

Your learning curve would be exponentially 'off the page'! And during these times? Just continue reading here about their new C19-associated worries. Not for the novice nurse under the circumstances.

And then you add your own pregnancy to the mix.

Good idea to interview for informational practice.

And congratulations for you & new baby! ?


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Thank you so much for your advice. I was wary about it, but wasn’t sure if it was just new grad jitters.

And thank you @amoLucia for the well wishes!

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I do wish you the best! You will potentially hamper any other nursing option if you do ambulatory care first.

Couple that with a distinct lack of real PPE - I am nervous for you. Good luck!

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If I were a pregnant new grad interested in school nursing, I would seek a job at a pediatric clinic. You would get a feel for working with kids, developmental milestones, immunization requirements and all under the care of those with experience. Best wishes as you become a mom.