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Hi, Im an lpn & work in homecare. I work 12 hr shifts 3-5 times A week. Two of my patients are over 230 lb men paralyzed from the neck down and a 6 yr old 50lbs child in vegetative state whom has no hoyer lift so I have to carry her into the bathtub and carry her out and continuously transfer her from w/c to couch plus 40 min prom every two hours which kills my back because I'm leaning over her there's no where else I can do her excercises but on this little couch. I just found out I'm pregnant first trimester with a ovarian cyst so heavy lifting is not recommended. I took some time off due to the strenuous workload. My question is should I continue in homecare? I have no idea where to go from here. I hate nursing homes because every place I've worked there was a high pt nurse ratio 40to1 & I prefer to dedicate a little more time to my patients. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated thanks

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Can you do pediatric home care ? Of course you also run the risk of lifting heavy, immobile kids there too but it may be a better option



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Talk you your company about getting an aid to help you lift and turn


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Talk you your company about getting an aid to help you lift and turn

Never mind.

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I would as your company for different clients since you can't do heavy lifting.

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Get you OB/CNM to write a lifting restriction order, and let your agency figure out how to accommodate you. Generally pregnancy doesn't prevent nurses from doing their jobs, but you are specifically recommended not to do heavy lifting. Plus, they are being completely unreasonable to ignore safe pt handling rec's--they are being cheap, I am almost certain, and in doing so putting staff and clients at risk. You would not be acting as a very special snowflake (sorry, klone!) to insist on occupational safety. Pregnancy does put strain on the back, so you could be at increased risk of back injuries for using unsafe pt handling practices. Plus, what if you get problems with sciatica? That happened to me w/ my 4th one--my Rt leg would give out w/ no warning. You could go down while carrying the peds client.

The thing with looking for a new job now is you would not be eligible for FMLA, if you want your 12 week maternity leave.

That is true but my company doesn't care they keep calling me regarding these male clients after I told them my situation so I guess I'll be looking for a new job. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR INPUT