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Pregnancy and Nursing

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Hi everyone. I am in my early thirties and currently enrolled in a nursing program. I would love to start a family with my husband after I graduate. I also plan to try and find a job in the field after I receive my license to gain experience.

What is a recommended/ideal time to plan a family when you are just starting your career? Can anyone share their experiences or provide any advice?

Family planning while starting a nursing career is a completely individual goal.

Just don't do what I did... get knocked up on graduation night. Makes for kind of a rough start. ;)

If you're already in your thirties, you should consider starting now. After 35, you're considered "advanced maternal age". At the very least, think about how important having children is to you. If it's very important, make it a priority.

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You may also want to consider eligibility for FMLA. You wouldn't be eligible until you've worked for an employer for 12 months. It could also be difficult to be on orientation, go on maternity leave, and then return to either finish orientation or be on your own. Be sure to consider all angles, but as stated above it is a very personal decision.


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