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Hi all :)

I was requesting my dd's medical records, just for my own satisfaction/curiosity. I was told it would cost hundreds for the complete records. I was wondering, though, would I need the complete records to see her day-to-day progress and any tests/complications/etc? I don't know what the records all entail. Can anyone help me with this? She was only in NICU for 3 weeks but they say she has over 300 pages of records (I'm assuming since they said a dollar per sheet). I've got her discharge summary, but that's all. What would give me a more detailed account of her daily events/stats, besides her daily flow chart?



Would you be satisfied with reading them in the presence of someone in Medical Records? That would only cost you time. If it were me I would be interested in seeing the "admission" form, stating her condition at birth, then compare that info to other info.


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Records include EVERYTHING!!! Blood tests (separate page for each one), Xrays, reports, consults, social work, nurses notes, flow sheets, consents for treatment, pregnancy history, birth info, recusitation, parent communication, etc. I could easily see more than 300 pages for a 3 week stay...

What is it exactly that you are looking for that isn't in the discharge summary (if there were any complications or signifigant test results, they should be in there)? The daily flow sheets would probably tell you enough as well, and there would only be 21 of those, but some places don't list tests and results on flow sheets...

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I agree, the discharge summary should cover the bases. What are you looking for? When you go for a followup appoinment they always have the charts pulled and you could as the doc if you could go thru it then....then at least you would have someone there to answer questions. Do you have any medical knowledge...are you a nurse...the note would be very confusing if you didn't.


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FYI - I am a Registered Health Information Technician as well as a nurse. The Federal Government regulates the costs of medical record copies and the regs state that they can only charge you .25 per page. They can also charge a pull fee of (I think) 10 - 15 dollers.

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At a dollar a page they are ripping you off. Can you just view them and copy down the information you need?


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Wow, thanks, everone. Very enlightening and appreciated information! I will definitely make sure they're not trying to charge me to much, and find out about just viewing them and taking notes. Great advice!

Thanks so much~


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