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Just started looking up class schedules at local University and all the pre req classes seem to have pre reqs. I am going by the transferable courses from NC State to UNC accelerated BSN program. I also checked the Wake Tech courses and it was the same. For example if you want to take the course that UNC accepts for A&P you have to have taken another course as pre req.

Have any of you had to take pre reqs for A&P, Biology etc.?


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pre-reqs for pre-reqs are very annoying. example... in order to get into the a&p class i need (for the healthcare professional) i had to have both bio 101 and 102... i need the same for micro... several of those classes also have a math pre-req if you have not tested at a certain level you have to take basic maths... and it is the same way with english. it turns what looks like a 5 semester (including summer) degree into a much larger one if you had not already taken the classes.

on the plus side... i am working on my adn and had already taken my classes... i also have my hopes set pretty high to get into one of the most competitve schools to get my bsn... which requires that i have 5 lab sciences and they will not take bio 101 and 102 as classes... i have to a&p, micro, genetics, organic chem (which i have to take chem to get into), and one other... not sure what i have planned for myself to get into... *sigh*



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For AP I, I needed to take Chem I with Lab.


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For A&P and Micro I needed to take an Intro bio course and a Chemistry course...For the chemistry couse I needed to take an elementary algebra course!! Because of all this it's taking me a while to complete all my pre-reqs...:o :o :o


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wow... talk about a scare to wake up to this morning and seeing everyone needed chem for micro :eek: i went and pulled up the school program again and freaked out when i looked at general micro and not only saw a&p and a pre-req but chem 112 and a co-req of calc... my jaw hit the floor and i about cried. :uhoh3: i knew that there was no way that i could have missed this with the many thousand times i have picked through this program with a fine tooth comb... and then it hit me i dont have to have general micro but rather intro to micro :rotfl: phewww... talk about a relief!!!!! everything is back on track and i can breathe right again this morning. guess i wont need coffee to wake up :bugeyes:


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I had to take math 3 to take chem 1A and 1B with labs to take Bio 20A, which was a prereq for Anatomy.


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At my school in order to get into A+P I you either had to take Intro. Biology or Molecular....I took Molecular.

I do not need Chem for anything. I will probably take it, just because, eventually.


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Pre-reqs have been Intro to Bio, Chemistry to get into Anatomy and then Physiology. Plus the pre-req of algebra to get into chemistry first!

I am in my last semester of pre-req's for the ADN program tho..... counting the days until I can apply!



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