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Pre req

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I am going to be a part time student. I am barely starting my pre req to become a nurse in the future. I will be taking 2 classes to begin with. I was planning on Eng111 and Psy 150. Since i am a full time worker and cant afford to quit this will be my plan. Will these two classes be do-able??? Or should i take Psy150 and Bio 168? If anyone could give their advise that would be awesome!! Wake tech CC advisor helping me out isnt much help lol


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It depends on your grasp of each subject. I absolutely loved English and all that it entailed. So, I could take it will pretty much anything. I would always combine subjects that I found to be easy with a difficult one to make passing both more of a probability than a possibility.


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Well, like PP said, it depends on how much you can handle. I personally would not worry about English and psych together. I am sure you will be required to read and write a lot in English, and, maybe, in psych, but it is still way easier than doing sciences such as chem or A&P.

I agree. I wouldn't worry about taking English and Psy together. If your school offers online classes, I would take those two online if I were you.

I prefer taking classes like those online like the previous poster said. I think it is easier since you have open book test and a more flexible. I work full time and I have taken all my classes except for my sciences online. Two is very manageable in my opinion. Good luck to you :)

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Are you new to academia? If you are, why rush this thing by even taking two courses at a time?

You are already working full time so why kill yourself.

The one at a time approach will help you build academic confidence and later on when you have tested the waters and done well you can take two courses or more depending on your circumstances.

Don't be in a rush. Nursing isn't going anywhere. Far from it.

Another thing, online is ok for most courses but not all. Most often from experience and from others on allnurses they have said it feels like paying someone so you can home school yourself.

Call me old fashion but I still believe in the group socialization and peer rigor you can only truly have in a ground setting. But there is a place for online but you're not there yet, maybe?

I want you to be a nurse but the best way to build confidence is to start out slaying the academic dragons one at a time.

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