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I got accepted into my FIRST choice! I am sooooo blessed, grateful, relieved, and insanely happy! It feels beyond amazing to have what I worked so hard for. I remember when it was 2011 and I was... Read More

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    Congratulations congratulations congratulations!!!
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    Congrats!!! Get all the stuff in that you love doing now, I'm in my 3rd of 5 semesters and am so thankful I took a semester off before I started! Your world will forever change, and you will love it. Sometimes it's hard but as long as you push through you will be fine. Last week I had 3 tests, a project and presentation, along with two 12 hour clinical days and class. Some weeks are worse than others but you will make it!!
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    Oooh yes. It is ONLY the beginning. Congrats!!! It's definitely a fun, stressful and interesting learning experience. Just keep in mind, studying for nursing school is a bit different from "regular" school. Keep up with-actually stay ahead of- your readings so that when the lecture for those topics come around, you'll have questions to ask and clarify any misunderstandings. This will help reinforce the content you're studying. Ask a LOT of questions!! Take good notes. You'll probably find yourself referring back to them for review before the start of the next course. As you progress through the program, the content gets harder and more complex, think pathophysiology, nursing interventions, and meds. Enjoy it!
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    Hey Free_2b_me, I have been a can/direct care aide for many years and eventually because a supervisor, and left my job to have my youngest daughter and starting nursing school as well! Basically you'll need to talk to an admissions counselor at the school(s) of your choice, then you'll apply and take most of the time you'll have to take an admissions assessment exam, there are a few different ones the most common is the Hesi A2 and the TEAS... I'm currently in the process of applying and taking my hesi tomorrow (wish me luck) :/ its so nerve wrecking! some school's you will need pre-req's usually (med. math, med term, A&P, cpr, stna, first aide, etc..) but this is totally up to the school, for example the school I am trying to get into doesn't require any pre-reqs, while one right down the street does! Good luck!
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    congrats! :-D
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    Way to go, brenay!!
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    Congrats everyone! I just got my letter yesterday from the one and only school I applied for (Everett CC here in WA state). I got in! Spring quarter, April 1st my life as a nursing student begins! So excited and so relieved. It's been two long years of wondering when/how/if I would get in.
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    Quote from x_factor
    Way to go, brenay!!
    Thank you so much X_factor!!!
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    I apologize for responding so late everyone!!! I've been swamped with school work!!! Thanks to ALL of you!!!!!!!!!
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    Woohoo! Congratulations!!!
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    I got accepted!!!! into RPN program at Algonquin College for fall 2013!!! aaah, I'm so happy. I didn't accept the offer yet, because I am still waiting for my 1st choice BScN collab @ Ottawa U. I pray all of you get for ya'll want too. I wish I can just share this happiness through the computer screen for you.