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hi everybody! looking for some opinions... i'm taking a psych class this semester as a pre-req to nursing school. i'm also taking micro. well, one of the girls in my micro class asked me if--when... Read More

  1. by   CiCigirl
    Quote from luvmy3kids
    i still don't understand why she isn't capable of taking her own notes??? no one has addressed that yet....

    you're absolutely right, luvmy3...she could get her grade the old fashioned way...she could earn it. :trout:

    i personally wouldn't want anybody else's notes. sometimes people make mistakes in taking notes and i'd much rather show up to class and do my own listening and writing than relying on what someone else had written.

    i've even found that when i google a body part of structure for diagrams or pics that you can't always trust what comes up on the internet either. (no duh, right?) but sometimes people label muscles, bones or body structures wrong there as well.

    anyway, i'm not giving her the notes, and i don't even feel bad about it anymore. all it means is that she'll have to start from scratch on day one of the psych class along with every---other---student---in---the---room.

    sounds fair to me......:smiletea2:
  2. by   Sheri257
    If I felt that people were trying to take advantage of the situation, then I didn't give them my notes.

    On the other hand, we greatly benefitted from previous classes that gave us their notes. Not because it saved us any work because I agree that other people's notes can contain a lot of errors but ...

    The teachers would inevitably mention important things to the previous classes that they'd forget to tell us all together and ...

    Lo' and behold ... those little tidbits would show up on the tests more often than not. Too many times the ONLY way we could get ALL of the material we needed to study was to get the previous classes' notes in addition to taking our own notes.

    So ... because of the previous classes' generosity ... I also was pretty generous with notes because I was grateful ... and I thought it was good karma.

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  3. by   roxxy3773
    I don't think of sharing notes as an invitation to not write your own. If someone gave me their notes I would still take my own notes, and compare both of ours when I was studying for the exam, that way I could see if I missed anything. I would never rely only one someone else's notes, I work too hard to get good grades. So I am not thinking it as an easy way out of doing the work, I think of it as an additional tool to prepare, along with my own notes. This is how I would use them anyway, and probably why I don't have so much of a problem with sharing notes.
  4. by   smk1
    You might want to look at those notes one day so let her copy them (if you feel comfortable with that) at her own expense and give them back to you. If I know the person well, then I don't care if they want to borrow my notes...as long as it isn't an inconvenience to me. Don't be a doormat though. If it is bothering you then speak up or it will never end.
  5. by   lc3
    I had sort of the same situation, this girl asked to see my ANP essays. Her and I took the same ANP class and she ended up having to retake it. I got A's on my essays and she wanted to see them so she could "compare" but I know she just wanted to copy parts of my essays to use for her own. Nonetheless, I didnt give it to her b/c it was my hardwork but I did help her with her essays instead because she didnt get the jist of the assignments and how to write a formal papers.

    So, IMHO I wouldnt give her the notes because I more about helping the person and not enabling the person to not go to class. I know in this situation you cant really "help" her. Plus, I think its kind of tacky for her to ask for the whole semester's worth of notes.
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  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    I think copies would be ok.....(At her expense...). I would not give copies of papers dt plagiarism concerns but notes always. we are all in this together. (Remember she might end up being a lab partner of yours down the road...)
  7. by   luvmy3kids
    I guess what I mean by my question is does she have some sort of "valid" reason why she isn't able to take her own notes... broken wrist, some sort of handicap etc.... Will she be missing a week of class due to a vacation or whatever...

    If she wants your notes and is going to still take her own and then compare... that would be ok (I guess)... but if she just wants to sit in the class and not do anything and then use your notes as a crutch.... I don't think that is fair.

    I was just wondering why she can't take her own notes.... I haven't seen a good reason for it yet... so my answer would be no...

    I think you've already made that choice though... so good for you! Take care...

  8. by   akspudus
    I love this thread. Good points. There are definitely some parasites out there that will try and cheapen any grade they "earn".
    Getting into nursing school is hard work and very competitive. I have actually heard people say that they don't like to help fellow classmates....just to reduce competition.

    I have NO problem helping anybody out in any class I take, as long as they are working on it themselves. If someone hadn't bothered to take notes during a lecture, and found themselves in a pinch....well I'm probably not going to be too helpful. But, if someone is busting their hump and still needing a little help...then I am there for them. Sharing notes and all.

    I am sure most of you can look around in your classes and identify those people that have the work ethic to get them through nursing school...and those that don't.

    Anyhow.....just my two cents.

  9. by   roxxy3773
    Good points Akspudus. I agree, there is a big difference between the student making an honest effort and those who are parasites, and it is usually pretty easy to figure out where they fall.
    I am surprised when I hear about students not willing to help other students and justifying it because they might lose their seat if they help them or a way to reduce the competition... it is just crazy to me (this has nothing to do with this topic by the way). I find helping another student reinforces the info for me and I know it better, so it is a win/win situation. Don't get me wrong though, I am not comparing the competitive student unwilling to help others out with this topic, I just want to make that clear...completely different scenerio!!
  10. by   akspudus
    Yes, very true a different scenario...and I apologize for getting off topic...the soap box is all too tempting sometimes.

    I like your point about the win/win situation of helping somebody out...and reinforcing the information for yourself. I have found that to be more than quite true....plus I also see it that we are all in the same boat. Working towards a goal.
    Anyhow...I feel myself trying to get on the soap box...and I'll defer that to someone else...lol.

    To answer the original question...I would probably have given away copies of the notes. I find it quite hard to say no sometimes.

  11. by   roxxy3773
    akspudus-just so you know, i wasn't directing that comment that this has nothing to do with the topic because you brought a different scenerio up...I just wanted to make sure all the other posters that do not agree with sharing notes understood that I wasn't comparing them to what we were talking about...sorry if I made you think I was pointing out you were getting off topic...not my intention at all!! I was trying hard to make sure I didn't offend anyone, I wasn't trying to remind you were off topic!
  12. by   justme1972
    My post isn't referring to notes, but just people that just refuse to do work.

    We have a group project for Psychology that we are working on, and it's on the stages of dying...and we have been e-mailing each other regarding it.

    When I sent an initial email asking everyone what stage they wanted, I was met with, "What page are the stages of dying?"

    I wrote, "You have the same textbook, with the same index, as we do."

    I mean, call me a b***h, but come on!
  13. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    I started a webpage and put all my nursing notes on it for any classmate who wanted them, last time I went to school. The benefit for me was in retyping the notes. I learned the material a lot better, so sharing was most certainly not a problem and I made a lot of friends, too. They just thought I was the most generous person they knew.

    Eventually, a couple of other girls gave me their notes and I typed them into the website, so I had a lot of good material and passed with flying colors.

    Oh, and I got a couple of really neat thank-you cards and stuff at graduation. It was really touching that some girls credited those notes with helping them pass (though you know all the notes in the world aren't going to help if you don't study).
    I had a laptop and took very good notes in school. For some reason (age difference? intense competition? who knows), I never got close to my classmates, although I did try. They didn't mind asking for notes, and I always gave them, and then I created a yahoo group and posted the notes there. Everybody became members, and most everybody did well.

    Thanks were thin and rare, but I wasn't doing it for that anyway.

    Toward the end of second semester, competition became more intense, the director's personality disorder (nasty suspicious PDO, my term but shared by many) pervaded the instructors and well into the student body. A group of classmates formed their own yahoo group, downloaded all the notes off the group I had started and I wasn't one of the select to get into the group. Shortly I transferred away--that experience was much more wholesome psychologically and socially, and I've had no regrets.

    It could be said that no good deed goes unpunished. I think it puts us in good stead, generally, if we continue to do good deeds, however.

    On the other hand, you are not obligated to let someone use you. If you have mixed feelings, and you must or you would not have posted this issue, my suggestion would be to nicely decline the request. You worked hard on your notes, they are your "work product" and therefore your private stuff.

    You might exchange phone numbers with her so that when she takes the class she could call you if she had a question. My bet is that won't happen. People with that much chutzpah usually are pretty superficial.

    Good post, nice thread. Thanks (I feel better now! )