worried sick about nursing school!!

  1. Hey!! Im 21 yrs old, I have no children and Im finally trying to get up the courage to apply to lpn school! I just recently got my ged and Im trying to now think positively about applying to nursing school! Ive been a hha/cna for the past 3 yrs and I def. know I wanna be a nurse but I have not yet gone cuz Im scared to DEATH of faliure!! Since I was in elementary school I have been labeled "learining disabled "in the subject of math!! I have struggled SOOOOOO much in this subject my entire life!! My problem is that I keep telling myself that because of my disability I cant do college level math and because of that ill never be able to get a nursing degree! Ive heard that the lpn program is difficult. It scares the hell out of me so much that ive almost thought of being a cna for the rest of my life to avoid humiliating myself!! I really want to be a nurse I just need some confidence!!! Can anyone help me????????
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    Math was my worst subject all through my life. I had to take math for nursing and even though the best grade I ever got in math before was a D if not F I ended up with a high A. Sometimes we need to mature into a method of learning and maybe it just takes the right person to teach it? Start small and take it one day at a time and you will do fine!
  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    yes... starting small is good. most schools offer tutoring or classes that are below the college level to prep you for classes that are more advanced. Good luck!
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    Quote from gella20
    ive almost thought of being a cna for the rest of my life to avoid humiliating myself!!
    If you think you can AVOID humiliating experiences by staying a CNA, you're in for a shock, honey.

    Everybody gets humbled at one point or another. You might as well be humiliated as a nurse or a doc than as a CNA...at least you will have some money to buy beer and drown your sorrows.
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    Yup, I'm in your boat too with a few minor differences. I am 33, married and have 6 kids (his & mine). I also received my GED 14 years ago. I was scared that I would be so far out of the learning loop that I studied so hard for my college entrance exams. I remember throwing up after taking them. I aced English and was placed in Eng101. Math was another story. Even though I studied, I am still ending up taking Math 20 which is basic algebra. Luckily, Math 20 is all I need for LPN. I just started my first semester with Eng101, Psych101 and Bio111. The first day was weird. I'm into my third week now and am actually getting ticked that the instructors are "dumbing down" these classes. I don't feel challenged. Things sure have changed since I went to HS. That or, like another poster said, I've matured. I'm banking on the latter.

    I guess my point is that sometimes we surprise ourselves. I want this so badly, just like you, that I am determined NOTHING is going to stand in my way. It's all about your drive and desire to succeed at what you really want....it has nothing to do with being slower at math or afraid of failing. So ask yourself: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS?
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    If you're already a CNA with your hospital, that's a big plus. You know where supplies are. You've met the staff and MD's. You're somewhat familiar with documentation and the patient charts. Most importantly, you've been at the bedside. You're good to go in my book. If I were you, I'd start shadowing the nurses. Learn to anticipate what the doctors might order if you get new admissions(you probably took the weights, did vitals, valuable's check didn't you?). What did the RN's do on those admissions? SOAP/Assessment and ordered the clerk to get SCD's and IV Pumps(MS floor). That RN probably called or faxed the Pharmacy department for newly ordered meds. Be well rounded and learn from non-nursing staff as well. You're unit clerk is probably a wealth of information on how your unit runs. When I was a CNA with Kaiser Permanente back in the 90s, I wasn't just a typical CNA. Back then, I drew blood, did EKG's, inserted foley's, prepared and sent deceased patients to the morgue (worked on an AIDS ward) and took my RN's blood sugars. I even became a hybrid nurses aide and monitor tech. spent time as a unit clerk as well. *lol* I remember working the swing shift as a unit clerk, and when they were short on CNA's for NOC, I volunteered for a double overtime and worked on the floor as a CNA (or if the telemetry pagers went down, I worked as monitor tech until the pagers were fixed).

    Those were the days at San Francisco's Kaiser Permanente.

    Now I'm just this burnt out healthcare worker who can't get along with his coworkers *lol*

    Sorry... Am I ranting and raving?
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    gella20..please, please dont let your fear get the best of you...you will never know until you try, and try and try.. yes there will be times that school will challenge you and you will feel discouraged, but dont give up..your young and you have your whole life ahead of you, you can start taking math by itself and take advantage of the college tutors and all available help...I also was (still) struggling with math, right now at 34 yrs old decided to go back to school, and I am starting out with math, just this class by itself and I am trying, its not easy but just take i just take it a day (chapter) a time with the class, dont let your nerves get the best of you....
    you graduated high school, you can do college....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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    ....oh gella20 forgot to tell you there are great resources online to practice, I use these..of course there are others....good luck!!!! and remember practice, practice, practice math, that is the only way for it to stick!!!

    www.math.com and www.aaamath.com