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  1. by   Spartan05
    I got interested in nursing through an ex of mine who was always telling me about the interesting things that she got to see at her clinicals. I was in school at the time studying engineering and business and, after a few internships, decided it wasn't for me and I needed to find something else so I started volunteering at a hospital. I ended up in the surgery/recovery area and got really interested in the CRNA position. So, I am going back to become an RN and eventually a CRNA. I think the main reasons that I liked nursing were that I couldn't stand office work or being tied to a computer all day, I find all the different surgical procedures really interesting and aside from money, freedom, flexibility and all the things that everyone wants in their job, I think the chance to care for someone and help them through their surgery will be waaay more rewarding than any job I could find being an engineer in corporate america. Just my two cents.
  2. by   MB72
    Why do I want to be a Nurse? Hummmmm, Sometimes I wonder because I feel like I'm sacrificing my sanity, my house is a mess (which drives me INSANE:spin: ) my kids miss all the attention, not to mention what my husband misses and all of this has JUST been while getting all prereq's out of the way which I will finish this semester.
    Ever since I was a child someone has always been sick in my family with heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc.... and even as a child all I wanted to do was help them feel better, sit by their side and let them know that someone cares. I get pleasure from making people feel like they are not alone that they do have someone that cares about them and will make their own sacrifices to make someone else feel better. You go to the hospital it's not the doctors that make you feel better, it is the nurses that do all the work and make the difference, if you have a good nurse that actually cares and isn't just there to make a dollar that is what means the most and people don't forget that. I will get great pleasure for myself to know that I can make a difference in someone else's life. Older people are the one's that usually get the short end of the stick, they get sick or need long term care the family gets the heck out of dodge. My mother-in-law lives with me and I am her sole care taker she has schizophrenia, Bipolar, Type II Diabetes, and the start of Alzheimers and where is her 6 children and husand? NO where in sight, they don't want anything to do with her, That's SAD
    I didn't mean to write a book but that is why I want to be a nurse, not only the same old cliche ,to help people, but to make someone feel they are special, loved and let them know that someone cares about them and them getting well whatever their situation. When I get my degree that will be a great accomplishment, but the greatest accommplishment will being able to make the difference in just 1 person's life.
  3. by   JarOfPennies
    Quote from Monica D
    The funny thing for me is that I never had the slightest interest at all, whatsoever, in being a nurse when I was growing up. After I had my first child, I started becoming more interested in healthcare, however I still did not want to become a nurse. I went to school and earned my certification as a Medical Assistant and have been working as an MA for the past 12 years and finally figured out a few years back that healthcare is what I'm good at and I should move forward with it.
    Me too! In fact, I couldn't stand the sight of blood and guts when I was younger. But it's funny, once I had my first child everything just "clicked" and I just KNEW that's what I wanted to be!
  4. by   Samma
    I love working with people and small children, along with helping them. Nursing just seemed like a perfect fit. I feel like it is a job that I wont hate after 10 years and it is one where I can keep learning and growing
  5. by   stinksapsgreen
    Quote from JoeyDog
    I was just curious, why do you want to be a nurse?
    I am a big people person and would like a career that allows me to interact with other people. Another reason to become a nurse is because my dad was sick most of my life and that had a great impact on my life.
  6. by   3rdgenRN2B
    It's in my blood (my mother, grandmother, and countless aunts are nurses) and it's my calling...

    I've tried changing my mind many many times and everytime I do something draws me back to nursing. I can't wait to be able to help people. Plus I look forward to the flexible scheduling because I have a 3 month old and am planning on another child so scheduling is everything. And, I won't lie, the extra money won't exactly hurt.....
  7. by   TxGirl1982
    Why do I want to be a nurse?
    So many reason really...First being it's my calling, I switched majors at one point but I came back to Nursing because it felt right to me. I love that I'll be able to have flexible hours when I have a family, I can work nights if I need to so that I can be there during the day, to do the day to day stuff...The money helps too because I want to be comfortable I don't want to struggle anymore. The last and most important being I want to help people, I know it'll be hard and most times I won't get alot of recognition for the work that I do but that's ok because I'll know what I did for my patients as will my patients and that's what means the most to me. I can't see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life but being a Nurse. :spin:
  8. by   Logos
    Never wanted to be a nurse- I had an ailment two summers ago- doctor's kept saying we don't know- we don't know- that pissed me off. So I decided the cheapest easiest was to get my foot in the door of medicine was with a nursing degree from my local cc- so that is what I am doing now. Later on down the road well see what happens- I also just like to learn new things and I am having a blast in my classes- I worked as a CNA throughout college- I have a degree already in philo- but never considered being a nurse at that time- my mom actually mentioned it and I said yuck- I wanted to go into politics and law- but life had other plans and I went into social work- now life has other plans again and I am going into nursing.
  9. by   mcmont96
    I want to be nurse because I have always wanted to help someone who was sick or hurt, I had my family and now that all my kids are school I figured that now is that time to pursue my career. Recently my husband was on duty on the police force and got into a car accident and is going on 7 months off of work. He has had two surgeries and I have had the pleasure of taking care of him through it all. It really just made me realize that how much I enjoyed doing this type of work.
  10. by   scrapworking
    I guess it's in my blood too (I'd also be 3rd generation!) though I'd always dismissed it. Not that anyone ever discouraged me, it just didn't seem to be "my thing". After careers in business/computers and the corporate rat race, I knew that wasn't for me either. But in the last 3-4 years, God has put things in my path to re-direct me. I've had friends go through nursing school, and they've called me to talk about school, review NCLEX questions with them, etc. My oldest son had the tips of 2 of his fingers cut off in an accident last year, so I spent lots of time with him in the ER/hospital. I was laid off in April and decided to go back to school...to finish my pre-reqs to apply for nursing school. It just seemed to be right. Any reservations I'd had in my early 20's were gone (I'm 46 now). When I called my Mom to tell her, I think I heard her doing the happy dance. LOL! Finally, after being single for the past 8 years, I met a wonderful man...you guessed it, he's in nursing school!

  11. by   frogger32091
    I want to be a nurse because I love helping people too and I love learning about the human body and anything at all to do with medical. However, what is plaguing me is why if those are the only reason that we list as becoming a nurse, did you pick nursing over say Medical Assisting? I am not trying to be controversial here, really. I am currently writing an entrance essay for the nursing school that I have already been accepted to, so the essay holds no bearing on whether or not I get into the program, but like all essays that does not mean I do not want to do my best. So as I was trying to write this essay it got me thinking, all of the generalized reasons that we as nurses or nursing students list for wanting to become a nurse do not really tell the story about why we chose nursing over any other profession in the health-care industry. I mean helping people, learning about the human body those can all be accomplished by being a Medical Assistant. They can also be reached by being a surgical technician. Other than just to make more money, which is no reason to pick a career, have any of you thought about why you really chose to be a nurse I mean over other areas of health care that is.

    Like I said don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be controversial, and if someone can tell me how learning about the human body and helping people as a nurse is any different than doing it as a medical assistant, that would be great, I am just curious. And don't worry I am not trying to get help writing my entrance essay, I will be emailing it in this afternoon so this is just me wanting to know what really is the difference.
  12. by   sassiebaz
    I've been pursuing nursing for nearly 4 years now. Taking classes online to meet prerequisite requirements. Raising 3 kids all the while, and working part if not full time for the last two years. Was accepted into an lpn program twice during this time, declined twice as well. Finances mainly. Now that I have declined the lpn program a third time, I have really been asking myself this same question. To be honest, Im not sure why I have wanted to be a nurse. all of the reasons everyone has stated have been my reasons. I've done medical assisting, sales, staffing, you name it. I do think the healthcare field has its upside, but I am realizing there are other facets of healthcare that I may be interested in pursuing. Nursing right now is not the brightest job market to be entering in alot of places. Plenty of new grads, not enough positions for them. Now, granted, they say the shortage may hit in the next 5 years so I don't suggest anyone put off pursing this dream if that is where their heart is set. For me though, Im still unsure this is the right path for me, right now. Regardless, any program inmy area comes with a two year wait, minimum. So, as of now, nursing is on the back burner.
  13. by   EatLoveNurse
    I want to be a PICU/NICU nurse. I love the specialty of helping very sick babies. I do understand that many do not make it, but I cannot even imagine how rewarding it must be to watch a very sick baby leave the unit healthy! Getting to be a part of that baby's and that family's lives will be a great experience.

    I also want to be a nurse because of the job security, and the reliable pay. I was an education major when I first started college and right after my first semester they laid off 500 nurses in my community. It made me give some serious consideration to my future, and nursing is where I ended up! Ended up being the best decision!