Which nursing schools have open seats?

  1. I just read on AACN that there are nursing programs that do not have enough qualified applicants to fill their open seats. However, they did not mention which programs they were referring to. Does anyone know which schools they're talking about?
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  3. by   jennylouwho
    I know that there are some schools who do not have a waiting list, just from my research on them. For example, at CSU (Cleveland State) applicants apply before March for fall admission. If you are not selected, you're not selected - you'd have to reapply the following year if you hope to be considered again. On the same token, they had way more students apply then are accepted (close to double, I think) and the average GPA is about a 3.5 (3.4something). Again, just from my memory.
  4. by   Monster620
    Hmmm, I think you misread my question. I'm looking for schools that do not have enough qualified applicants applying and therefore have open seats. Did I misread what you wrote?
  5. by   jennylouwho
    Sorry, I think I'm tired. I processed it as "who doesn't have a waiting list", which yeah, a lot claim to not have. I have no idea where these mysterious schools are that don't have enough applicants to fill the seats.
  6. by   NP Sam
    if you are looking for accelerated program farleigh dickinson in nj had open seats for summer semester as of two weeks ago. I live in fl and that was too much money and too big of a move right now.
  7. by   Monster620
    No problem, Jenny. I appreciate the response anyway.

    CNA Sam: How did you find out about their open seats? Is it posted on their website or is there a secret club or something? New Jersey actually wouldn't be too much of a stretch for me, as I live in DC and have lived in NYC before. I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to get into a program. I'm 35 and need to start making a salary sooner rather than later. The bills are piling up.
  8. by   NP Sam
    Well what I decided to do is email schools and ask if there are open seats and they said yes. They immediately asked for my phone number, called me two days later and said ALL my credits would transfer! I didnt even apply yet! I was really excited until reality set in about how I would pay the 30,000 a year. They do have fall seats available too, but it is not accelerated.

    I say email them and ask, go for it!
  9. by   Monster620
    Good idea, CNA Sam. I hadn't thought of that. Well, I just looked at their admissions requirements and I don't have Chemistry, Economics, or Bioethics, so that would delay my application by at least a year. I'm going to keep looking. I need to find schools that don't have a Chemistry requirement, as I would need to take another math course before I could even take chemistry, which again, would delay my entry into a program. I'm going to apply to Hopkins and Montgomery College (a local community college) right now, but I'm still interested in finding other programs that aren't so competitive. I can't afford to do what many others have had to do, like waiting 1, 2 or more years to get into a program. Insane.
  10. by   NP Sam
    Yeah, it will be less hectic. Good luck on everything!
  11. by   JBMmom
    Monster620, I certainly don't want to be negative and maybe there are others that would disagree with my opinion, but I think that if you still haven't fulfilled the math prerequisite to take chemistry, then you may have a VERY challenging time going directly into a nursing program. There are so many basics in introductory math and chemistry that are the foundation for many important aspects of anatomy, physiology, biology, etc. I completely understand not wanting to wait longer than necessary for starting school, but I can't imagine trying to start nursing school without a good general chemistry and biology background. Is it preferable to get in sooner and then struggle, or can you possibly work towards increasing your knowledge base before taking on nursing? Good luck.
  12. by   Monster620
    CNA Sam: Thanks and best of luck to you as well!

    JBMmommy: I took a general math class in undergrad (I majored in psychology) and I've already taken Microbiology and am taking Anatomy & Physiology I this semester (I have an A in lecture and a B in lab). I earned an A in Micro. lab and a B in Micro. lecture, so my lack of chemistry or advanced math has not hurt me thus far. Johns Hopkins and Montgomery College do not require Chemistry and they have excellent reputations and have a high NCLEX pass rate. I am already devoting a year and half to the prerequisites required to get into these nursing programs and would prefer not to have to spend an additional year taking a math class and chemistry if it is not absolutely necessary. I suppose there are different schools of thought on whether chemistry is an integral foundation for nursing school, since some schools require it and others don't. Either way, I'm confident that if Hopkins doesn't require it (and they're ranked #4 among nursing schools), then I'll do fine without it.
  13. by   Cathylady
    How do you find out the ranking of nursing schools?
  14. by   Monster620
    US News & World Report: http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsa...hools/rankings. For some reason, they list it under grad schools. I guess if they offer graduate degree programs, then they list them that way. It's from 2007. I haven't been able to find a newer one.