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  1. by   ACESfan87
    When I took this Class I studied about 15 hrs a week with this class, because this was the one that determined whether or not I would progress as a Nursing Student. I came away from that class with a C. It is the devil i think, course here there is just an Objective Score and NO bonus added.
  2. by   Quiltedstar
    Quote from cinqly
    Did anyone take A&P I and II over the summer? How does the accelerated speed of the course affect your studying? Did you just study twice as much?
    I haven't taken A&P yet but have heard that the accelerated course is a killer unless you are taking it for the 2nd time in order to improve your grade. Then, it may be easier.

    We have pre-nursing advising sessions at our CC, they DO NOT recommend the summer classes because since it's already a harder class and you're trying to cram the information in to a much shorter amount of time.