When do you give up?

  1. A&P this semester has been a rocky journey. Lecture (physiology) is worth 70% of the total grade, and lab (anatomy) is 30%. Lecture was a breeze that I passed through with a couple high Bs and As. Lab, however, was an uphill struggle, mostly due to the teaching assistant who led the course. He facilitated, didn't teach, spent majority of the time bragging about how he got an A in summer anatomy while we're struggling with full-semester anatomy, and didn't submit any grades until the end of the semester. While I am certainly responsible for my performance, I can't help but feel that I could have performed a little better given a just a bit more direction in the course. Regardless, I performed as well as I possibly could have given the circumstances, and it looks like I'm coming out with a B- in the class.

    I've never performed so abysmally in a course in my life. I have a 3.7 pre-req/science GPA, and a 3.6 overall going into this semester. My TEAS score is a 90, and regardless, I'm constantly being told by nursing admissions (BSN) that I am not a competitive candidate for their programs. I've worked as hard as I could throughout college while struggling to balance classes with studying, a part-time job, and hospital volunteer hours, and it's just not good enough.

    When do you give up when your best isn't enough? Nursing is legitimately the only thing I could see myself doing. The best alternative I have is that I'm halfway to a bachelor's in biology, which is essentially a useless liberal arts degree. I'm completely at a loss. Has anyone else given up on nursing and gone into something else?
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  3. by   Ivgotsunshine22
    Hi bravera all I can say is try as hard as you can, that way you will know you tried your hardest. Are your marks in pre-nursing where I live in Ontario your GPA would get you into nursing BScN.
  4. by   NightNerd
    DON'T GIVE UP! It sounds like you are very intelligent and have great experience. A low B is far from failure; when I opened your post, I expected C's and D's in the sciences!

    Yes, a lot of BSN programs are very competitive. I personally think it's ridiculous that someone with your GPA even has to worry about being accepted, but no matter. Apply anyway. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen - even if that means pursuing an ADN first, finding another BSN program further away, or even retaking a class or two with a different instructor.

    You don't say how much longer you have left before applying to programs, but if you have classes left, I would say increase or eliminate volunteering for now. It's on your resume, and it's something you could fairly easily return to after the semester when things aren't as crazy. Study time is important right now.

    Good luck!
  5. by   SycamoreGuy
    If you cant get into your BSN program (which wouldn't be a problem at many universities given your GPA) go for a ADN program at a community college. There are plenty of RN to BSN programs that you can do part-time later.
  6. by   bravera
    Thank you for the kind words and information everyone! I'm mostly finished with my pre-requisites. I have A&P 2 left to take next semester, and some "additional" pre-requisites that are usually taken during the nursing sequence, but students who want to get done faster can knock them out of the way. All my sciences have been completed up until this point. I've heard ADN programs are a bad idea and it's impossible to get hired with one, and that a lot of RN-BSN programs have waitlists that are years long.

    We aren't allowed to retake courses at my university if we are pre-nursing.
  7. by   xxkmpxx
    I felt like I was in your position 6 months ago.

    I had 2 A's in my science classes and one B. I applied for the Fall and did not get in. Basically I was always told by many students, and counselors, that you need a 4.0 to get in because it is sooo competitive (my ADN program only accepts 32 students twice a year, and in my city we only have on ADN and one bachelors program). A couple hundred apply to the ADN. So based off of what I was told, I was pretty depressed and felt like I would never get in... I too couldnt think of anything else I want to be. I almost didnt even apply to the Spring class because I felt like I had no chance (my GPA is 3.7). Well i applied anyways and DID get accepted...now I know that those 4.0 rumors are not true. Dont give up. I would apply, if you dont get in, try again!!
  8. by   zoe92
    You don't give up. You pick up the pieces and continue on and you continue to try your hardest. My biggest recommendation is to try and apply to multiple programs. I am at a community college taking pre reqs. The ADN will take 2 years and the BSN will also take 2 years. So I am not applying to any ADN programs, but going straight for the higher degree and applying to 6 BSN programs. I am really hoping one will accept me. So have you tried to look at other school's programs and applying to those as well? Good luck.
  9. by   violetgirl
    You don't!

    Just keep pressing forward and a nursing school will accept you in no time!

    Keep positive, keep applying, and smile that you have come this far!
  10. by   SycamoreGuy
    Quote from bravera
    I've heard ADN programs are a bad idea and it's impossible to get hired with one, and that a lot of RN-BSN programs have waitlists that are years long.
    Depends on where you are, my local community college doesn't have a wait list but it is competitive to get in. As far as jobs go that also depends on where you live and how willing you are to move. Plenty of RN jobs out there (even with just a ASN) if you are willing to relocate.
  11. by   Jasano
    I would tell anyone thinking of getting into nursing, to pursue something else. I've been a nurse for over a decade and after 9 months of searching, all I was able to come up with was a part-time casual job in pharmacy - I'm not even working as a nurse! I have the BscN with honors, years of experience, and nada. It's impossible finding work in nursing.

    I would like to retrain for another field where there are actually jobs available - nursing was a bad choice for me. (RN, Ontario, Canada)