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So I just finished rearranging and working out my schedule and I think I'm done. I have a pretty hefty load next semester mostly because I'm really pushing to try to get in by Fall (07) and my CC... Read More

  1. by   Spartan05
    I am taking Psychology and Human Growth and Development online. Microbiology from 8-9:50 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Anatomy online with a Saturday morning lecture....oh yeah and I currently work 30 hours a week....I am going to have to learn to live on less than the usual 8 hours of sleep I get a night.
  2. by   DesertRain
    Quote from unterpleichfeld
    Looks like we are taking two of the same classes. I don't know about you, but I am really intimidated by microbiology becuase of what other students have said. I am hoping A&P II is similiar to A&P I....
    Don'tlet yourself get intimidated by Microbiology. I know it sounds scary but IMO its a very interesting course and some courses teach it by parts of the body the diseases affect like my course did (i.e. diseases of the upper respiratory tract etc..) and I found it difficult to learn them that way so what I did was organized them by organism and learned about them that way and it ended up being simply a matter of memorization--like in A&P only minus the physiology. Microbiology to me wasn't any harder or easier than A&P it's apples and oranges really but I found was a class that I value for the information I now have. Good Luck! :icon_razz:
  3. by   fiveofpeep
    Mine is a whole lot of time for two classes

    Mon Wed 8AM-12
    Human Antomy

    Tues Thurs 10:30 AM - 1:30
    Chemistry for Health Professionals
  4. by   c2003d
    I am a Navy Wife and SAHM of a baby girl turning 1 on the 29th of this month(4 days after christmas). And I have decide to pursue my goal to become a nurse. I am going to be taking for Spring 2007:
    Human anatomy and physiology 1 (Saturdays, Lec 8am-10:40, Lab 11am-1:30pm)

    I'm only taking 1 class this semester, but summer I should be able to take more because I will have my financial aid situated by then...So I have 5 more prereqs to go after I finish this class for this semester.

    The classes that I have Left will be a&p 2, microbiology, chemistry, intermediate algebra, college algebra.

    I'm so ready to knock these out so I can apply! Wish me straight A's along the way hehe
  5. by   BlessedMom
    Unterpleich-Yes. I am defintely nervous about MB! Although I have two friends who are RNs and they both *loved* MB and said it was one of the best classes they had to take. I am nervous about just trying to keep up with all the work they both entail! I hope that AP2 is like AP1 too. My teacher is the same and she is awesome, hard, but awesome. I did well in that one and learned so much so hopefully it is the same with both the other two courses . Are these your last prereqs?
  6. by   DesertRain
    Quote from c2003d
    I am a Navy Wife and SAHM of a baby girl turning 1 on the 29th of this month(4 days after christmas). And I have decide to pursue my goal to become a nurse. I am going to be taking for Spring 2007:
    Human anatomy and physiology 1 (Saturdays, Lec 8am-10:40, Lab 11am-1:30pm)
    Yay, your baby girl and I share the same birthday! It's rare so I had to share that!
  7. by   PG02
    Intro to Bio- MW 10-11:55am/Lab M or W 12:00-1:55pm

    Intro to Nutrition T 6:55-8:55pm

    Online class Lifespan Development.

    I'm gonna be jam packed from here to fall trying to finish up my pre and co reqs (5 left) so I can apply for Spring 08 admission.
  8. by   BeachPrincess
    Blessedmom do not fret about Microbiology. I took it this past summer. Best class ever!! I think it helped that my teacher was a micro fanatic. She made the course interesting and fun.

    My semester is looking pretty full just finishing up electives for my bsn.
    Principals of Microeconomics
    American History
  9. by   occc2010rn
    I have 2 credits of PE to finish up, but I figure those will be much easier for me to do during the program than any of the 'real' classes...
    Shampagne007 is there anything that should be reviewed from A&P for micribio?
  10. by   ffweste
    WOW! Seeing everyone's schedules makes me feel a smidge better about mine. My intersession class that I just finished in stat looks like it is a spring class. But I just finished stat in 5 days.

    Then, in the real Spring I have:
    M- Chem I
    T- Nutrition, Comp II, Gov't
    Wed- Chem + Lab
    Th- Nutrition, Comp II, Govt
    Fridays Physiology

    I feel like I am overstacked and from reading the thread I am not alone. Good luck everyone. We can do it!
  11. by   treeguy
    This is my very first semester and I am persuing an LPN first then bridging over to an RN later on. Here is my first schedule: Pre-Algebra, Films, Sociology, Psychology, American Goverment.

    Next Semester I hope to take; Nutrion, Algebra, Microbio, and a phys-ed course. Then its just my A&P's (just, i say... huhhuh) and I will be ready to wait for years to get into the program.
  12. by   MB37
    I've already applied, and they admit in March. I have 3 remaining classes:
    English 1102 T/R 3:30-4:45pm
    Nutrition T 8:30-11:30am
    A&P II online

    Then I work every W, F, Sa, Su from 10-6. Fun fun fun. I can usually get some reading done at work though.
  13. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    I just finished up my pre-reqs this past semester! I'm ready to apply for early admission to EMU Jan 1. I'm am going to finish up my Gen. Ed. classes before I enter the program so that when I begin I will only have to take nursing courses, but anywho...

    Native American Literature

    Sociology-Social Problems

    Philosophy-Intro. to Logic
    Dietetics-Nutrition for Health Professionals