What TEAS score does your school require?

  1. I am just curious what type of TEAS scores are accepted by other schools and how they judge the score. At my school you have to make an 80 or above to apply. It is a 4 yr BSN. I don't know anything more about how they weight it other than that but I am sure there is more to it. I don't believe they look at the individual areas but only at the overall score.

    School: Kennesaw Sate University (Ga)
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  3. by   CranialNerves12
    i think it's >74% at cal state fullerton.
  4. by   %63theend
    I got my score back yesterday and it was an 80.6. Since my school requires an 80 or above I can apply but I don't want to be the bare minimum applicant so I am going to retake it. But I was wondering if my school set the bar high or low or right in the middle. The other schools I am looking at require the NET which I have yet to take.
  5. by   tfleuter
    My school only requires a 50% or above in each section, but the average composite score from applicants who are accepted is 89%.
  6. by   Tabitha247
    Starting this fall for spring 2010 semester they are only looking at your TEAS scores for math and science. They combine your raw scores from both sections and whoever is in the top 50 scores gets a seat. Oh and you get 3 extra points for an A in A&P I. Thats it! SO I am set to take the TEAS this summer and it really sucks because everything is riding on this one test...
  7. by   BabyJoLPN
    My school requires a composite score of at least 73.5%. That seems pretty low compared to other schools. I am going to take the TEAS test May 27, I hope I pass the first time!!!! Good luck to you.
  8. by   %63theend
    I just read that North Georgia College and State University accepts anything above 65.
  9. by   Tyronie
    My school (CSUS) does competitive admissions, so the range for the TEAS was 84-97 with the average admitted student score being 92. Good luck!
  10. by   %63theend
    Wow 92 is high. I don't know anyone personally with a score that high. The average score is 74. I wonder if that means no one with an average score or slightly above average score gets in or if they could get in if they had other merits (like volunteer experience)?
  11. by   Tyronie
    No it's pretty good competition, the students at the lower end of the TEAS range 84.1% + probably had a lot of bonus points (ie. volunteer experience, foreign language proficiency, and disadvantaged backgrounds). The average GPA in the last BSN admitted clinical group was 3.91 at CSUS. BUT, they currently allow unlimited TEAS attempts and take your highest score - though there's rumblings that they are going to fall into line with the other CSU's and limit TEAS attempts to two or three.
  12. by   %63theend
    Ahh. Our school limits to 2 attempts. I am hoping to do a lot better on the second. I made a 95 on the online assessment so I was shocked to get an 80.6 on the real one. I think I may have just had a bad testing day. My daughter was up all night the night before the test so that may have played a part. I am trying to get volunteer experience lined up before my interview (our school has a 1 yr wait after application so I have a year to gain experience). Do you think taking Spanish would help me as well? I need to do whatever I can to be more competitve since my TEAS isn't great. I do have 2 yrs of French already but it isn't like we have a lot of French people here!
  13. by   closetoyou21
    My school requires a composite score 75% and you have to have a 70 or above in reading and 65 in the math section...I am taking mine next week for the third third time...
  14. by   %63theend
    Good luck!!!