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  1. BabyJoLPN


    Congrats!! My first check off is this week and its on injections. Im super nervous. Good Luck to you on your future check off skills.
  2. BabyJoLPN

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    Yes babe48076, you are definitely right about staying in touch!! Wish everyone much success!!
  3. BabyJoLPN

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    You are sooooo lucky. I have been to St. Petersburg twice, sure wish I was there now. When I look outside all I see is snow!! Ughh
  4. BabyJoLPN

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    I am going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids,IA, so what about everyone else. Where is everyone else going to school?
  5. BabyJoLPN

    Orientation exactly a week from today!

    I already had my orientation for the RN program and I start Jan. 11th. I already have homework and a quiz on the first day of class!! Yikes!!! Congrats and good luck everyone!!
  6. BabyJoLPN


    I have never taken the NET, so I don't know if you can use the NET book. I have taken the TEAS and I did buy the Mcgraw HILL book for 20$ at Barnes and Nobles. My school library keeps copies of the TEAS study, we are not allowed to check it out, but we can make copies of the sections that we need and thats what I did because I wasn't going to spend the money on that book. You can also go to this website www.testprepreview.com which is very helpful. Using the Mcgraw Hill book, copies of the TEAS book and the website I was able to get a good score and I start the nursing program in January. Good Luck!!!
  7. BabyJoLPN

    Kirkwood Nursing Program

    I am starting the nursing program in January, can anyone that is in the program or has been through this program offer any advice? Thanks.
  8. Sorry I'm just now responding, I haven't been to this tread in awhile. My TEAS score was 81.2. I sat for the TEAS in Sept. and they sent me a letter in Oct. saying I was accepted into the nursing program for January.
  9. BabyJoLPN

    So who is joining us upstairs soon???

    I am!!! I go to orientation on Dec. 11 and I am freaked out, but can't wait!!
  10. BabyJoLPN

    I got a job, thanks to H1N1

  11. BabyJoLPN

    Unable to get over TEAS test anxiety

    Congrats!!! Good luck in your program.
  12. BabyJoLPN

    TEAS score at Kirkwood

    Hello!! I took the TEAS test at Kirkwood and I received an 81.2. I don't know if that is good enough to get in the program. For those that have taken it and was accepted into the program, what was your TEAS score.Thanx!!
  13. BabyJoLPN

    Did you take the TEAS test? What was it like?

    They do not give the formulas. You will have to know them. For example: Celsius to Fahrenheit, milliliters to liters, kilograms to pounds. Good Luck!!
  14. BabyJoLPN

    TEAS math review help

    The book that I used was McGraw-Hill's, I bought it from Barnes and Noble for $20. I retook my TEAS test yesterday and raised my overall score by 11 points. It explains everything for every section. It was hard for me to study for science because the questions are so broad, I didn't know where to begin. I quessed at most of the science questions, but I still managed to get a decent score. Good Luck!!