What is the difference in pay between a lpn and rn?

  1. i was wondering what the difference in pay is between lpn and rn just curious ?:spin:
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  3. by   catzy5
    Quote from iwannabeababynurse
    i was wondering what the difference in pay is between lpn and rn just curious ?:spin:

    it will differ for different areas as well as differing fields. nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities i have heard pay quite a bit more to lpns then hospitals and drs offices. i think the difference comes into play with rn's having a few more oppurtunities and areas of advancement.

    i would suggest you look into the areas you want to work see if they hire lpn's in that field in your location and then find out the pay for lpn vs rn
    good luck in your choices.
  4. by   blueyesue
    In my area, starting LPNs make on average $17/hr, and RNs make on average $25/hr

    Of course this varies. My cousin is an RN and makes 6 figures. She has been working as a nurse for many years though, and has won many awards. (She doesn't even have her BSN.) I guess it's all what you make of who you are.
  5. by   RNsRWe
    In my area, a hospital RN with no experience (new grad) makes at least ten bucks an hour more than an LPN with five or more years of experience. In nursing homes, the LPN makes a few dollars closer to what the RN makes, but that seems to be in large part due to the inability to keep nurses (of any kind) staffing them.

    Also to keep in mind are employment opportunities: LPNs in our area will always find good-paying work in long term care but hardly ever find anything in the hospitals....the hospitals haven't been hiring LPNs in some time.

    An LPN with a desire to work and who is happy in a LTC facility can find herself making a really good living in this area.