what do I need to know about the TEAS?

  1. For those that have taken the TEAS test, is it pretty basic materials on the test? I've been studying the TEAS study guide and it seems very basic. Is the actual TEAS really like the study guide or much more harder? I'm taking the TEAS next month and really don't know what to focus on and how to study for it. Can someone help me? What are the things that I should review on?
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  3. by   krenee
    Wow, you think the stuff in the study guide is easy? You must be good at math, the word problems killed me. I thought the TEAS exam was easier than the study guide. The math word problems I had the most trouble with in the study guide weren't anywhere to be seen on the exam!

    Just my opinion.

  4. by   AmyL
    I didn't think the book was worth the $46 I paid for it. It was a lot of nonsense compared to the test. Don't, however, think you're going to just breeze through the test. Some parts are pretty easy. Some, like science, are pretty much common sense questions. I scored 100 on the physics section, even though I've never seen the inside of a physics class in my life. Parts of the math are confusing, difficult...Think of the TEAS as similar to any sort of entrance exam. It reminded me of the S.A.T. test.

    I think I did pretty well on it. I'm torn about whether to pay the fee to retake it. My counselors can't really go around and tell the students what they need to do concerning this. I got an 84.6 on the TEAS alone...Anybody else remember their scores?
  5. by   krenee
    I got an 84.6 on the TEAS alone...Anybody else remember their scores?
    I got an 88.8 for adjusted composite score, I was happy with that . . . it's 98th percentile, so that seemed pretty good to me. If you look at the percentile rank it should give you an indicator of how you did in comparison to others. Also - what does your school look at? Mine looks at the score in each of the four areas individually, but they only want 45 in each of the four areas - since the lowest I scored on those was 80% I thought that seemed good.

  6. by   GottaGetIn
    I've taken the TEAS, the NLN and I took the NET today.

    Overall, I've found the TEAS to be the easiest entrance exam, however, the Math on the NET was much easier than the TEAS. The NLN, for me, was the most difficult. BUT, the Reading Section on the NET was crazy! I haven't received my scores back from thet NET, obviously, but I did really well in the other tests.

    I studied from the NLN Book, and never really picked up my TEAS study guide and I was pretty well prepared. I'd say if anything, just brush up on the Math....The science, reading and vocab stuff on the TEAS is pretty much common-sense, easy stuff!

    Good Luck!
  7. by   newbeginnings07
    How similar are the HESI A2 and TEAS exams? Same thing or totally different?
  8. by   NurseJeanB
    I took the TEAS and I got a 91.2 the second time I took it. I got an 83 the first time. The study guide is good to go through but I do have some practical advice, which I did not have the first go around. The first section (Reading) was pretty easy and I had time to double check all my answers. I got 100 percent on it. Then they give you the math. Now the math is not particularly difficult, but after going through the reading I mistakenly approached it the same way. In other words I took the time to completely solve the problems and then recheck them and this was not what I should have done. The math part you need to not spend more than a minute or two per problem. Backsolve as many as possible and if you take too long skip the problem and come back if you have time at the end. Most people I talked to said they ran out of time. The second time I went in with a different approach. If I could back solve I did, If I could logically arrive at the answer without spending a whole bunch of time completing all the calculations, I did. Lets say the answer choices end with a different number and you have to multiply a large number If I got an answer ending with the right number I stopped solving and went on to the next problem. When I found myself taking too long I skipped it and tried to go back at the end. If I ran out of time I would take a guess. Luckily the second time I did not have to guess on any. The science is pretty true to the study guide. The English was at times difficult and basically there is a long story that has many sentences underlined and you need to identify if there are misspellings or if there are grammatical errors. One thing that was on both tests was the use of the possessive its. Eg:The book had its cover torn. Good luck!
  9. by   katiem
    This thread has helped me a lot. I am SOO afraid of taking the TEAS, I actually ordered the study guide and online assessment today. The school Im trying to get into requires that you score in in the 70th percentile or above. Im not very good at standardized testing, I only took the ACT and scored a 21, which is average. Im studying my butt off for the TEAS, I really need this!
  10. by   Lianoosh215
    Hi everyone! Im taking my TEAS test on Friday and I was pretty confidant about not needing the study guide but the closer the date comes the more nevous I get. I was wondering is there anyone here from the Philadelphia area thats willing to sell me their study guide, because it is too late for me to order it online.
  11. by   Lianoosh215
    are we allowed to use a calculator for the math part of the TEAS?
  12. by   NurseJeanB
    No, unfortunately no calculator allowed. You can bring a watch but that is just to keep you aware of the time. It isn't really all that complex but you do have to be timewise.
  13. by   katiem
    Are there alot of conversions?? Im using the study guide and there are a TON of formulas and conversions..are those on the test?