What class to take with Chemistry?

  1. I was thinking about adding an online class with Chemistry next semester. I'm taking Chemistry on campus. I work 40 hours and have a 7 and 4 year old. Do you think Psychology or Sociology would be better? I'm basically wanting an easier class between the two since I know Chemistry will be time consuming in itself. Thanks!
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  3. by   PennyS
    I think it is a 50/50 toss up. Are they both introductory or is the Psych - Growth & Development?
  4. by   zoe92
    I think either one is easy, just make sure you don't pick a teacher who is not good at online teaching (doesn't answer emails, will not grade assignments for weeks at a time). In an online class, you have to stay on top of things & make sure you have a professor who does too. Look at ratemyprofessors.com
  5. by   OwlieO.O
    Take what you need most. If you need both, do what you feel most prepared for at the moment. I took an easier class set with my first term of anatomy this autumn because I wanted to get a good heading with anatomy, especially since it will be the initial anatomy grade seen on my application submission. Make sure you make adequate time for these classes, and with working, make sure you have the time to dedicate to these classes and get straight As.
  6. by   Halcyonn
    I think it's a toss up really. My Dev. Psy class was not difficult in terms of grasping concepts/theories, but it was reading and writing intensive. I devoted a ton of time to reading text and writing papers. My sociology class was tame in comparrison, but that is only my personal experience. I agree with a PP, check out ratemyprofessors.com and make sure the instructor gets high marks for online learning. Good luck!
  7. by   7237dallas
    They're both intro classes. The better of the Sociology professors is full. There is a rating for one of the Psychology teachers that says pretty much it's an easy A if you do what you're supposed to do. I need Psychology for Human Growth & Development, which makes me want to take that one first and then wait for next semester to do Sociology with A&P and hopefully get the better of the professors now that I know she fills up so fast. I don't want to jeopardize my Chem grade by adding another class with it, but I also don't want to waste a semester when I think I could handle an online class. This is all new to me, I've been out of school for 15 years and just went back this semester. Since I enrolled late I could only get into Elem. Algebra. I know Chemistry is going to be a lot harder and more time consuming than Algebra, but I hear of all these other Moms who work and take 2 or 3 classes on top of that. I just hope I can handle it.
  8. by   InfirmiereJolie
    Hi, I would take the Intro to Psychology first and the Sociology second. If the professor is an "easy A" this helps. The reasons for the "easy A" is might be that he/she is an interesting professor and is easy to understand, engaging everyone in his/her class, and so the "easy A" just comes with it (making them give better grades because they are a better professor). Psychology is useful in other classes as well, especially in English classes and even Human Anatomy during the brain section. I found Human Growth and Development to be slightly useful in Anatomy in the nervous system unit. Basic Nutrition was useful in the digestive unit. I never took Sociology myself, but took Anthropology in exchange. It's best to take a useful, "easy" class with Chemistry because Chemistry is where you will focus most of your time!! Good luck and hope you do well !
  9. by   7237dallas
    I just looked again and there's another professor for Intro to Psych with rave reviews, but she's only doing an accelerated online class. I think it's only 8 weeks. I wonder if that would be too much combined with Chemistry?
  10. by   InfirmiereJolie
    I think longer classes like for the full semester is better if you're taking more than one class and working (esp. 40 hours a week!). It's less intense and better when assignments might overlap the other way. If it's 8 weeks it's almost like a summer class which almost has a unit test every week. Then you might have a chemistry test and psychology tests nearly all of the time (sometimes overlapping too, maybe even on the same day!) and could be tiring in my opinion! I took a 2.8-3.0 (not rave) teacher on ratemyprof and it was fine, definitely an easier class than Chem!
  11. by   PennyS
    I agree with PP. I would take the regular online psych. While the material is not difficult, I think the 5 week coupled with Chem plus your full time job plus caring for your children would be overwhelming.
  12. by   7237dallas
    Now I'm back to feeling like I shouldn't take any class with Chemistry! lol Is it really going to be THAT time consuming?
  13. by   PennyS
    You can definitely take Chem with Psych. I just would steer away from the accelerated class. If you take the accelerated, are you going to try and squeeze a second accelerated course in the same semester? If no, then give yourself a little extra breathing room this semester...IMHO!
  14. by   PinkCupcake
    I took sociology with chem and got As in both. Psychology and sociology are both fairly easy you should be fine with either